I'm sure parents will have heard that the water drinking ban has been lifted today in many areas. This is hopeful news for us all - it has been a difficult situation over the past few weeks.

To update you on our school situation however...  although the ban for drinking water is close to being lifted for our area, Blackpool schools will certainly not be using water supplies for drinking or food preparation until not only the whole ban has been lifted but also further specific water safety checks have been undertaken on each school.

These checks will be happening hopefully during the coming week - this means that we will be having bottled water delivered for school use throughout this week and possibly next week. Each child will have a new bottle each day for drinking throughout the day.

School meals will continue as normal as all cooking methods and cleaning already uses  equipment which boils water. So there is no risk at all to the children. 

The water cooler in school is out of use until the filter has been replaced and the unit has been thoroughly cleaned through and checked on site. This will be undertaken this week. However until the ban for area has been lifted and this has been undertaken the children will be provided with a bottle of water each day.

We will update parents once all checks have been undertaken and we are completely back to normal.

Authormelanie Haggerty