And the awards go to…….

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst

What a year it has been! Thank-you to each and every one of you for making my job so enjoyable each and every day. What a lot of learning we have jam packed into one year! Here are some photos of us sharing our favourite memories and thanking God in our class worship.


CONGRATULATIONS to our 6 winners of the Summer reading challenge! I am very proud of you. We had some children who were very close but just missed a week or two.


I will look forward to hearing stories and watching you blossom throughout your individual journey's in school. We all wish you a safe and enjoyable summer. Make lots of memories and come back relaxed and refreshed (as Maia explained in her summer poem!) ready to grow your brains in Year Two!

God Bless,

Miss Dixon and the Year One Team.

AuthorLeanne Dixon

Thank-you and welldone to all of the children, family, friends and staff for making sports day such a fun and lovely day! The children were so proud of themselves and so they should be, they worked as a team and all tried their best. Please see Year One - galleries for photos from the day! Our class photographer did a fantastic job and there are lots of in-action photos!

We have continued to learn about Amy Johnson this week and the children are really enjoying finding out more about her and why she is so inspiring. We were very lucky today to have a very special visitor, Mr Hickey, who taught us all about the history of building Blackpool Tower. We saw lots of interesting photos and learned about the stick men who fixed lightbulbs and painted the tower top to bottom!

In Maths we enjoyed weighing ingredients to make fairy cakes and following instructions to measure and find the difference. 


Today we visited the Blessed Sacrament in church, the children were so quiet and still whilst they said their silent prayers and I am very proud of them all. What a lovely way to end the week.

We hope you enjoy your weekend in the sun and look forward to seeing you next week.
Miss Dixon and the Year One Team.

AuthorLeanne Dixon

We had our school trip to Stanley Park on Tuesday with Year 2, the children were fantastic and the teachers are so proud of them all. They were polite, good listeners and most importantly they took part and enjoyed taking risks! We enjoyed orienteering, making dens, nature walks, the low ropes (they weren't that low, may I add!) and the mole hole. Take a look at the Year One - Galleries section for photos from our day.

The children have enjoyed problem solving in Maths this week, working on finding the difference through subtraction. The children have created a good understanding of this and they have enjoyed solving mathematical problems. In RE we learned about when Jesus made the blind man see, the children thought about what they would have said after the miracle and they had some thoughtful ideas.

Here the children are performing part of the poem 'The Sound Collector - Robert McGough'. We have enjoyed learning the poem and the plan is to write our own version of the poem next week!


Sports day is next Thursday 5th July, fingers crossed for the beautiful weather!
Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and the Year One Team

AuthorLeanne Dixon

It has been a week full of inspiration in Year One. We have enjoyed learning about Amy Johnson and her achievements, being the first female to fly solo to Australia all of those years ago! The children have started to make fact files about her and origami aeroplanes. 

In Maths this week we have been using arrays for multiplication  and division. The children have persevered with this so well and it has really shone in their understanding today. I can see they are really becoming ready for life in Year Two! 

In RE we learned about the miracle where Jesus fed the 5000. We talked about how we could be more giving to others and I hope the children are trying to keep their promises. We have also enjoyed learning about the weather in the 4 seasons and the hours of daylight in each season. The children made and interpreted their pictogram to show their understanding. I wonder if they can tell you about the sunlight in the different seasons?

The children have produced some fantastic ariel paintings as if they were flying over Blackpool like Amy Johnson did. Feel free to pop in and have a look.


School trip reminders:
-Full school PE kit please - No jewelry, black joggers or shorts (no short and tight shorts please as any protective equipment that the children wear may rub on their skin!)
-Apply sun cream in the morning. Please do not bring sun cream to school as the children will not be taking bags on the day. Staff will take sun cream on the day.
-Hats - please bring a suitable sun hat as it is forecast to be very sunny!
-If your child is bringing their own lunch boxes please use a disposable bag - NO lunch boxes. 
We plan to have a go on the low ropes, go in the mole hole, do some orienteering and kids go wild - it should be a fantastic day and I am sure the children will represent our school beautifully.

Sports day is on Thursday 5th July and we hope to kick things off at around 9.30am! Please could all of the children come in full PE kit on this day (no earrings or jewelry and black PE joggers or black shorts). Again, please apply sun cream before school if required.

Have a fantastic weekend,
Miss Dixon and the Year One team.

AuthorLeanne Dixon