In Maths, we have been completing our problem solving and reasoning maths paper. We had to read the questions really carefully, before working out what the question was actually asking us to solve. This was a great way to show how much we have learnt (and remember!) from Spring term so far, as well as highlight the areas that we need to work on/ revisit.

In English, we have been drafting and editing newspaper reports. We had to include complex sentences in this report as we learnt about these last week. I was so impressed with the subordinate and relative clauses used in everyone’s writing. However, there was a fair bit of editing and improvements to be made. Some of us get into habits of missing some words out of sentences or repeating ourselves-we have really focused on improving this for future pieces of writing!

In RE, we have been looking at the different ways that we can share in the life of Jesus. This is particularly important to reflect on this now, as we are in the period of Lent. I was really touched (and teary eyed) reading all about the ways that the class feel they can personally share in His life, and their Lenten promises were lovely!

In Science, we have been investigating what happens to some materials when we apply heat to them and then let them cool down-did they change states? I will let your children fill you in on the answer to this…


This week’s Golden Award went to Abigail. She is such a helpful member of the class and always tries her hardest. It has also been lovely to see that she has been keeping her ‘friendship door’ wide open this week, always allowing people to walk through it and join in her games.

This week’s Writing Award went to Audrey for including our whole class targets in her newspaper article. It really made her writing much better!

Enjoy your weekend, and once again thank you for your continued support!

Miss Slater & the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well what a success World Book Day was!!

World Book Day is an amazing opportunity to remind ourselves of how enjoyable and important reading is. Reading allows us to take ourselves on amazing adventures, without stepping foot out of the door. Dr Suess was spot on with his quote, ‘The more you read, the more things you will know. the more you learn, the more places you’ll go.’

Yesterday we had the chance to clear the morning’s timetable, and partake it a variety of different activities…


The class had so much fun working their way around each activity, and it was a great chance for them to share their love for reading with others.

We also took part in the whole school ‘read in an unusual place’ challenge. Year 4 had VIP access to the staff room for our whole class read. We are currently reading Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Why the Whales Came’.

The day was great fun and we had a whole school assembly, in the afternoon, to show off our amazing costumes!

Thank you for all your support-the children looked fabulous and I could tell a lot of effort had been put into their costumes!


This week’s Golden Award went to Naomi. She is such a hard worker who always puts her all into her work-what more can I ask for?!

This week’s Writing Award went to Thomas. We did some tricky work on complex sentences, this week, by adding a subordinate or relative clause into a simple sentence (main clause). Thomas did this really well and used some great vocabulary.

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well this first week back has been great!

We have been looking at lines of symmetry and factor pairs in Maths, preparing for our newspaper ‘big write’ in English, explaining the water cycle in Science, researching seasonal foods in Geography and thinking about ways that we can act on Jesus’ advice in RE…..busy bees indeed!

This week we have also spoken about the importance of Internet Safety. More information about this can be found on the ‘News’ tab on the home page-there are some useful links for parents!


In preparation for World Book Day, every child has been sent home with a blank book template. We would like your child to draw a picture of the character that they are dressing up as for World Book Day, accompanied by the book they are from, the name of the character, and a few sentences about why they have chosen that character. Please can these be returned on (or before) World Book Day, which is next Thursday 7th March.


The Golden Award this week went to Tom for being so focused in class, this week. He has been trying so hard in all his learning-I’m very proud!

The Writing Award this week went to Charlie for his much improved presentation! Even Mrs McCooey brought me his RE book to show me how neat his handwriting was-your hard work paid off!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Slater and the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater

Can you believe we are half way through year 4 already?!

This last week has yet again been a jam-packed one!

In Maths, we have been looking at perpendicular and parallel lines. On top of the work we did on angles, we then had a greater range of vocabulary to describe different shapes and their properties.

We also did a maths arithmetic test and I was so impressed by how well the class did, on the whole-it also highlighted the areas that we need to do more work on!

In English, we have had a huge spelling focus this week. We have used our Read, Write, Inc spelling books to revise the prefixes, suffixes and sounds we have already done. We then had a go at writing down sentences, from memory, that were dictated by me (Miss Slater).

In Geography, we had prepared some questions for our visitor, who came into class on Wednesday. Mr. Brown is a local gardener, who has his own allotment. As our Geography topic is ‘Where does out food come from?’, this was a great opportunity to find out what foods we can grow locally, and also which foods we can’t. He talked to us about climate, weather and the importation of foods too!


This week’s Golden Award went to Liliana for being an enthusiastic and positive learner. Not only is she a pleasure to teach, she is also a pleasure for others to be around!

This week’s writing award went to Grace B for her recount of Mr Brown’s visit, in our Geography lesson. As well as being well-written, she had used lots of words from the Geography Word Bank.


Before Christmas, we had the chance to go to the Grundy to look at some art work which them inspired us to create our own masterpieces. An Artist from the gallery came in and worked with us and the artwork we produced is on display in the gallery now! How exciting!

Their artwork will be on display until 2nd March, so if you get chance over half term to go and see it, that would be great!


Year 4’s Artwork in the Grundy Art Gallery!

I have not set any book homework, but please keep up with home reading and times table practise.

I hope you all have a lovely week off and I look forward to the half term ahead!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

I have been so impressed with the efforts and work that the class have produced this week. We sure have been busy!

In Maths, we have been looking at different angles. Ask us what an acute, obtuse and right angle are! We have been naming these angles in different shapes and some of us have even been using protractors to measure our angles too!

In English, we have produced another Big Write. Our class target was to use inverted commas to show speech and I am pleased to say that everyone managed to do this! I was also blown away by some of the vocabulary choices that were used for effect…and what a powerful effect they had!

Tuesday was a Internet Safety Day, so we did lots of work and role play on the theme of ‘Digital Consent’. This was all about the importance of receiving or asking for permission before we make online choices. This was something that was really important to discuss with the class as more and more younger children have access to the digital world.

In RE, we have been looking at Judaism. We have looked at the different symbols of the Jewish religion as well as discuss their core beliefs. Next lesson, we are going to be comparing Judaism with Christianity…we already know that each faith shares some beliefs but differs with others.

In Science, we have been classifying solids, liquids and gases…we know that everything on earth can be classified into one of these groups. We will be discussing the differences between the three states of matter, on Monday.

In Geography, we have been researching were some foods originated. We know that many foods we can grow in lots of different places of the world but they had to come from somewhere. Next lesson we will be preparing some questions to ask to a visitor that grows his own food, here in Blackpool…he has an allotment. We can find out what foods he grows and which ones he can’t grow as well. We can also find out about how the weather can effect food growth.

In Art, we have been using oil pastels to draw pieces of fruit…we were inspired by Cezanne’s art and it just so happened to link in with our Geography topic too. Here are some pieces of our work so far (we will complete them next week)…

Award winners:

This week’s GOLDEN award went to Charlie for the efforts he has put into all his learning this week. On top of that, Charlie is such a caring and considerate member of the class, and a pleasure to teach. Although we had no certificates today, Charlie will get his award on Monday.

This week’s writing award went to Bella for her accurate use of inverted commas and her ambitious vocabulary choice-well done!

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

We this week has been very productive!

We have been looking at subtraction methods in Maths, planning a ‘big write’ in English, looking at the story of The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple in RE, and on top of all that, we’ve started new Science (States of Matter) and Geography (Where does our food come from?) topics!

To end the week, year 4 have been doing an amazing job at doing some pencil drawings of a piece of artwork by the famous French artist, Cezanne. Last week, they used their regular HB pencils to sketch an outline and this week they have been using different shades of H and B pencils to create light and dark shading.

Here are some pictures of my little artists….

As we were at mass this morning, celebrating the feast of Candlemas, there was no Golden Assemble.

I will add the award winners to the blog on Monday….

This week’s GOLDEN award went to Vinny for simply being a delight to teach! His positive attitude and loving nature make him a joy to be around.

This week’s writing award went to Thomas for his big write plan. he used some great vocabulary! I can’t wait for the final draft!

Have a lovely weekend!

AuthorCatherine Slater

This week’s learning:

Maths-we have been subtracting one-digit numbers from a 4-digit number, crossing over a 1000s bridge. We quickly realised that it is easier to work it out mentally if we subtract to our multiple of 1000 first and then subtract the remaining amount. So for example, if we had 4002-6, we would partition 6 into 2 and 4 so we could subtract 2 first (4002-2=4000) then we just needed to take 4 away from 4000, which we know would be 3996. The class have done a great job at using this method, and can practice this at home with their maths homework.

In English, the class have produced some great character descriptions! We have been looking at the character of Mr. Patch, and using some ‘power’ words to describe what kind of man he is. I was so impressed with the detail that the children had included and how they had made the descriptions detailed rather that just listing adjectives-they are so good, they are display-worthy! Watch this space for pictures of our writing display!

In Science, we have been looking at the pitch of a sound. We investigated how different things can affect the pitch of a sound, including length, size, density and tightness/slackness. We made sounds with different instruments in class-some long/short, big/small. heavy/light and tight/slack. We then made a note of when the sound was high pitched and when it was low pitched. We then used our results to write a conclusion about what we had learnt.

In RE, the class have planned their own shared worships, in little groups. They have really thought about what they would like their theme to be and what prayer, scripture reading, music and resources, they want to include. Starting next week, the class will start to lead their own worships!


This week’s golden award went to Megan for being such a kind and considerate member of the class. Her positive attitude really shines through!

This week’s writing award was a tough one to choose, as I was so impressed with the effort all the class had put into their descriptions. I did, however, have to choose Sophie as my winner as she really won me over with her vivid description, accompanied with great grammar! 

As always, I have been so impressed with the effort this class out into their work-keep up the hard work!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week….

In Maths, we have been using a written method for division. This method has proved to be a tricky one to grasp, but I am so pleased to see how EVERYONE’s confidence has grown from day 1 on it to day 3! We really need to know our times table facts to solve division questions, so keep up with your times table practice! I have given the class some division questions to practice at home for their homework this week with as clear an explanation as possible (it’s a hard method to explain on paper!)

In English, we have been doing lots of reading, including a reading paper to see how well we are doing with our comprehension of a text. We have also started to look at a new story in our Read, Write, Inc lesson, which has a historical setting. The class are really enjoying this story and there are so many writing opportunities that this story provides. This story has also given us an insight into Victorian London and the dreadful conditions of the workhouses…so dreadful that a couple of brave children decided to escape in our story, ‘Runaways’.

In RE, we have been reflecting on the story of the Epiphany and thinking about what three gifts we would like to offer to Jesus. Rather that picking literal objects like Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, the children have really thought deeply about what words and actions they could offer that reflect Christ’s example.

This week’s Golden Award went to Ryan for his positive attitude towards his learning and towards the people around him. Ryan is such a kind and considerate member of the class, and a joy to be around!

This week’s Writing Award went to Audrey for her beautiful piece of RE writing. Not only was it a well-written piece. it was thought-provoking and really highlighted her religious beliefs.

AuthorCatherine Slater

We have been continuing to pick different acts of Kindness, each day this week, as part of our Advent Challenge. This week, we have been making an extra effort to use our manners, help others, play with people we don’t usually play with and SMILING!

in RE, we have been making links between the story of Mary and Joseph and Trust in God. We then thought about who else this reminds us of and what these stories teach US about trust.

In Maths, we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We have done so well with this and are really starting to understand the HOW and WHY!

In English, we have drafted our own narrative. I have been really impressed with the children’s choice of vocabulary and the humour used in some of their stories. It has become apparent, however, that we need to work on our basic punctuation-capital letters and full stops!!! (Hence the English homework this week!)

In D & T we finished making our guitars….

This Friday we has the privilege of watching the Reception class’s nativity-which was amazing! Due to this, there are no award winners this week.

Have a lovely weekend, and keep up all the hard work!

Miss Slater and the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater

This week, we have been talking about what prayer means to us and why we pray. In our shared worships, we have been taking moments of silent prayer to talk to God about our own intentions as well as some shared prayers. This has all lead up to today when we took part in the Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. This was such a special occasion, as we had the opportunity to pray to Jesus, who was present with us in the Blessed Sacrament. We began the day with a whole school Mass to celebrate the Assumption and then we processed over to school, Fr Jim leading the procession with the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance. In our individual classes, we then spent time to pray and adore Jesus, before the Bless Sacrament. The morning came to an end with the whole school gathering together again, as Fr Jim lead Benediction, in which we received a blessing. It was such a beautiful and peaceful morning and in Gabriella’s words, ‘it made me feel really refreshed and my heart feels full of love.’

In Maths, I have been sooooo impressed with year 4’s understanding and work on converting units of measurement. We have looked at the relationship between grams and kilograms and litres and millilitres, and used this to convert between the two.

In English, we have been planning our narrative, which we will draft next week. We have used the story of The Bogeymen and the Trolls Next Door to help us plan a new story, using the same characters and what we know about them.

In Science, we are investigating how distance effects sound, but more importantly, WHY? We have planned what we are going to do to investigate this, and we will carry this out next week. We can then use our results to answer the question WHY?

In D & T we have started to make our guitars. Steps 1 and 2 were to cut out our hole and paint the boxes. Here’s how we are doing with them so far….

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well last week we were lucky enough to visit the Grundy Art Gallery, in town. While we were there, we got to look at some posters advertising Blackpool, some old and some more recent. From this we started to think about what we think represents Blackpool, and what Blackpool might look like in the future. The lady at the Grundy was so impressed with the ideas that the children came up with-what an imaginative and creative bunch!

Following on from this visit, on Wednesday, an artist from the Gallery, Lisa Wigham, came into school to deliver an amazing art lesson with the class. They all produced some amazing posters of Blackpool, using printing. Oh and guess what?! All of the children’s artwork will be displayed at the Grundy Art Gallery as part of the exhibition, in January! Watch this space, for details of when this will be, so you can go along and see the artwork for yourself!

Here are some pictures….


Last week’s Golden Award went to Grace K for being a little star, who’s light is always shining! Grace always does the right thing and is a great example to follow!

This week’s Golden Award went to Leo! Leo tries his hardest in ALL that he does. He is a focused young boy, who, despite any challenges (including a broken wrist!) he faces, always perseveres and put in all his effort.

This week’s writing award went to Ryan for his much improved presentation of his written work. Ryan has been trying so hard to ensure that he writes in his neatest handwriting all the time-no matter what book or subject this is in!

AuthorCatherine Slater

I have been blown away with the children’s work, this week. What a hard-working class I have-I’m very lucky!

Not only was I blown away by the quality of their Shakespeare writing, last week. they have produced some fabulous pieces on non-fiction writing all about The Battle of Edington, in our History lesson!

In our Read, Write, Inc English lesson, we have looked at a great story written in narrative verse. We will be using the story line and characters to plan and write our own story, which I have no doubt will be superb!

FRACTIONS! FRACTIONS! FRACTIONS! If you hadn’t already guessed, this has been our maths focus this week. Fractions are not the most straight forward concept to get your head around, but year 4 have been doing a great job at trying to. We have looked at what a fraction is, to begin with, before looking at equivalent fractions and we even touched upon simplifying fractions-we will continue with the next week.

In Science we had fun using a drum and polystyrene balls to make links between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations-we made a mess of the classroom in the process too!

In a few weeks, we will be making our own instruments (linked with our Sound topic), in our DT lesson, so please can I ask if you have any shoe boxes at home, we are collecting them from this week.

Following on from Remembrance day, on Sunday, we have had a prayerful week. Not only have we been thinking about all those soldiers who fought, and died in the war, we have also been thinking about our personal, and shared prayer intentions. We have discussed how special and important prayer is, and how it helps to closen our relationship with God.


Last week’s Golden award went to Tia for trying so hard with all her work form last week. Tia always tries so hard, and she is proving that this really pays off.

Last week’s writing award went to ALL of year 4. I was so blown away with their Shakespeare writing, I couldn’t possibly choose just one!

This week’s golden award went to Sophie. Sophie is such a great role model, always doing the right this and having such a positive attitude towards school.

This week’s writing award went to Lily for her very informative writing on The Battle of Edington!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

This week has been a really special week, not only was it our first week back after half term, but because we celebrated the feast of All Saints. On Thursday morning, we celebrated this special occasion, as a whole school, with Mass at Our Lady’s church. In class, we have been discussing the saints that we are familiar with as well as looking into some saints we didn’t know much about. What was really important, was that we realised that these people are just like us, and if we follow Christ’s example, just like they did, we could be saints one day too!! This year is also going to an extra special year, as it is The Year of the Eucharist. We will be doing lots as a whole school and in our classes to celebrate this important year.

Also this week…..

In Maths, we have been seeing how much we have remembered from before half term by completing our reasoning paper. It was soon clear, that we had not yet mastered fractions of amounts, so we went over this again in class. This is why our homework is all about fractions of amounts. We had to clear up some misconceptions, such as, ‘if the denominator is bigger then the fraction is always bigger’-I’d much rather have 1/3 or cake than 1/5 of cake!! Hopefully, the more time we spend on this, and look at different ways of working them out, we will eventually master this concept!

In English, we have been doing lots of drama to familiarise ourselves with Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors. Using active approaches, we now know the characters and storyline of the play, despite how confusing it becomes! To prepare ourselves for writing a detailed description of the port in Ephasus, that we hear about in the play, we did a word carpet. We used our senses to describe the port and used post-its to jot down our ideas. In partners, we then lead each other around the classroom using these ideas to help describe the port to our partners.

Here are some pictures of our ‘port walk’….

In computing, we have been focusing on e-safety. After a class discussion about the ways that we can ensure we are safe and feel happy when we are online, the class produced some great information posters…

This week’s GOLDEN AWARD went to Reece for his ‘growth mindset’. He has such a positive attitude towards his learning, and sees every mistake as a challenge and a learning point. Keep it up, Reece!

Have a lovely weekend, and get ready to keep up the hard work, come Monday!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well, we have had an action packed week!

In Science we have been investigating which materials are electrical insulators and which are conductors. We did this by testing different materials in our circuits, and recorded our results in a table. Here are some pictures, showing some of the materials we tested…

We were very lucky this week, as we got to try our hand at fencing. A fencing teacher came to our school, and each class had the opportunity to have a lesson with him. We learnt some fencing lingo as well as poses. We had great fun…

To end our week, we had great fun making some Viking long ships. These will look great on our history display…

Thinks week’s awards….

GOLDEN AWARD-This went to Mya for being an absolute pleasure to teach! She’s a great role model

WRITING AWARD-This went to Audrey for her great ‘big write’. She used some fantastic vocabulary to help paint a vivid image in the reader’s mind.

MATH AWARD-This went to Vinny for his great problem solving skills! He did so well, his name was published on the NRich website!

Keep up the hard work, year 4!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

This week, we completed our first ‘big write’. We drafted, edited and then copied up our writing so it was display-ready. I was so impressed with everyone’s pieces of writing and how well they edited , using their purple polishing pens. Editing writing is not an easy task, so I was so pleased to see everyone go back to their work and make improvements-it really does make a big difference!

Watch this space for pictures of our complete writing display….

In maths, we have been using column method to add and we have been solving some tricky problems. It is great to see so many children challenging themselves and using different strategies to solve a problem. They have learnt this week, that sometimes in maths, it’s a case of trial and error-when something doesn’t work one way, try again a different way!

In Science, we observed the changes between one and two bulbs in a circuit. We then used these observation to then change other things in our circuits to see if it effected any thing, or cased anything else to change. Next week, we will be investigating what materials are electrical insulators and conductors.

In Art, we started to make Viking long ships. We were given a set of instructions and lots of different materials to construct our ships. Watch this space for pictures of our completed pieces….

During our last Science lesson, on Monday 15th October, we will be making our own torches. Please can I ask for children to start bringing in any cardboard tubing they may have at home. Kitchen roll tubes work well, however, for hygiene reasons, we cannot use toilet roll tubes.

For our Harvest Celebrations, Year 4 have been asked to bring in Packets of pasta or jars of pasta sauce. Please can we have these by Friday 12th. Thank you!


This week’s golden award went to Claire for trying so hard in all she does. She has such a positive attitude towards her learning, and this really pays off! Keep it up, Claire!

This week’s writing award was really hard for me to decide, as all the class put so much effort into their big writes. I did, however, choose Joseph as he used some really powerful imagery in his work, and tried so hard to improve his own writing. Well done Joseph!

I look forward to another great week, but until then, have a great weekend!

Thank you for your continued support!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well this week we have been making circuits, planning big writes, writing diaries, measuring length and so much more!

We have had so much fun in Science, making bulbs light up in our circuits. We quickly realised what equipment we needed to do this and after some trial and error, we all managed to make our bulb light up! We learnt so much from the mistakes we made along the way as well. We will be doing more work with electrical circuits next week too! Here are some pictures…

In maths, we have been busy measuring bees. We have been measuring things in and outside of the classroom, in m, cm and mm. We used the ipads to record all our measurements along with pictures of us doing the measuring too! We now have a display of this lesson outside the classroom, for others to see what we’ve been up to in maths.

It’s been an exciting week in English as we have been preparing for our big write! We have completed our plans now, and next week we will be writing our own chapter of the story ‘Lost or Stolen?’ that we have been studying in class. I am very excited to read all of year' 4’s fabulous pieces of writing!


This week’s Gold Award went to Grace B for having such a positive attitude towards her learning, and other people around her-keep it up, Grace!

The writing award this week went to Tom for a huge improvement in his handwriting!

Next week’s writing award will be very tricky for me, as I know all of year 4 are going to produce some amazing pieces of work!

Keep up the hard work, year 4, and remember EFFORT=SUCCESS!!!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well, we have had yet another great week in year 4. We are really growing in confidence and I have been so pleased to see so many children really rising to the challenge with their learning.

In Maths, we have been looking at place value in 4-digit numbers. We know how important place value is as their is a big difference between 3 ones and 3 thousands. In class, we have been adding multiples of 10, 100 or 1000 to 4-digit numbers and also comparing numbers, using the <, > or = sign.

In English, we have been looking at the story ‘Lost or Stolen?’. We have been familiarising ourselves with the characters and themes in the text, as well as looking at some really powerful word/phrases used. I have been so impressed to hear that some children have been using these ‘power’ words in their every day conversation now!! We will be exploring the text in more depth next week in preparation for our own Big Write!

In Science, we have been looking at what objects run on electricity. We also looked at how objects are powered-battery or mains? We watched a great little video clip that showed how electricity gets from the power stations to our homes!

In History, we have been making timelines and placing some key historic event on them, related to the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. We know the importance of chronology in History, and did a great job at ordering the events!

In RE, we have been making links between a story from the bible and how this shows God’s love for us-there were so many stories to choose from, as the whole bible is centred around God’s love for us and his teachings.

The class have been very excited this week as they had their first music lesson with their new instruments (I was asked about 100 times, on Thursday morning, when their music lesson was!). When they have returned their instrument letters, they can then take them home to practice as well!

As you can see, it has been another week full of great learning, and again I have been pleased with the number of children taking quizzes!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and come back on Monday, ready for what I KNOW will be another great week!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

We have had such a great week! I have been so pleased to see how hard-working this class is-we all certainly have Growth Mindsets!

Despite the fact it's been a 4-day week, it has been jam packed full of learning!

In Maths, we have been looking at number bonds to 100 and using number lines to find the difference. I have been blown away with the work they have produced-and so many children have been really challenging themselves!

In English, we have been doing lots of reading! We all took our Star Reading tests, and I am pleased with how they ALL did. This has given us a good idea of our new ZPD ranges, and what our reading targets will be. I have also been pleased with the number of quizzes that have been taken, just in week 1 alone! We have also done a whole-class comprehension, making sure we always refer back to the text and use our inferential skills, when needed, to find clues within the text.

In Science and History the children have been mind-mapping all that they know about 'Electricity' and 'The Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings'. At the end of half term, we will do the same activity to show just how much they have learnt-and there's a lot to learn!

In RE, we have been looking at the Bible, and what it actually. We talked about how it is a holy book that tells us all about God's love for us and how it teaches us how to be a good follower of Christ, knowing right from wrong. This half term, we will book looking at many stories within the bible and what messages they contain.

Along with all that learning, we have also been practising our handwriting, playing flutes and clarinets and reminding ourselves about the importance of having a Growth Mindset.


It has been great to see so many children reading at home this week! Reading at home is so important in the development of the children's reading, and the amount they read at home really is evident in their school progress. Please make sure all the class keep up with their regular reading at home, and also ensure that when they do read it is dated and signed by someone at home. As I have not set any home work this week, I ask that you prioritised and encourage regular home reading. The little yellow 'Reading Logs' are for the children to record their quiz scores, in school. They may also be used to make notes on the book they are reading, if they wish to, but this is not compulsory.

Thank you, year 4, for a fantastic first week back. I am very excited for the year ahead, and I have no doubt that if you continue with the hard work and effort that you have shown this week, you WILL succeed!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Slater


AuthorCatherine Slater

I cannot believe that our time together in year 4 in nearing an end. What a great year it has been!

This has not, however, stopped us for cramming these last few weeks with great learning opportunities.

In English, the class got to act out a selection on play scripts  that some of the children has written. I was absolutely blown away by the success of this...there are definitely some budding directors in this class!

In Maths, we have been working together to solve some problems, looking at what we have learnt over the year. This has been a good opportunity for us to see how much we have learnt and those target areas for year 5.

In Science, we have been making and explaining a variety of food chains. We learnt the scientific words for plants and animals in food chains. Please ask us what producers, consumers, predators and prey are!

In Art, we have been doing some pencil sketches of Our Lady's church, as we have been looking at the church community in RE.

The children will be spending Monday morning with their Year 5 teacher, Mrs McVey, as part of their 'moving up' morning. I know the class are ready to show off just how amazing they are!

I am so pleased with how far all the class have come, during our time together in year 4, and I'm even more excited to see them grow even more as they continue on their learning journey.

Let's make our last week together, in year 4, a good one!

Miss Slater & the Year 4 team.

AuthorCatherine Slater

In RE, this week, we have been looking at different ways in which we belong to something. We discussed many different clubs/communities/families that we belong to and this the lead us to looking at how we belong to the Church. We were writing about the very special sacrament of Baptism, and how this is when we join the community of the church,  and we do this because we share the beliefs of other people in our Church.

We all felt so loved and special, knowing that we ALL belong in God's family!

In Maths, we have been collecting and interpreting data. We collected data in a tally chart, a pictogram and a bar's amazing how many different ways you can present data.

In English, we have started to prepare for writing our own play script, inspired by the characters and story line of the traditional tale 'Rumpelstiltskin'. The class have, once again, been showing off their amazing acting skills, this week. We will be writing up our play scripts next week.

In Science, we have just started our new topic all about human teeth, the digestive system and animal food chains. We have shared what we already know, and we will start looking at the different human teeth and functions, next week.

This week, we have also had a Sport's Day practice...don't forget that this is on the morning of July 5th (Thursday) so please come along and cheer on your child.

Have a lovely weekend, and make the most of this amazing weather we have been getting!

The Yea r4 Team.

AuthorCatherine Slater