I cannot believe we are already at the end of our second week together. All the children have settled in really well and I am incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

We have had a busy week of learning and the children have created some beautiful pieces of work! Lets keep it up!

Maths - In Maths we have begun to look a 4-digit numbers. We have been looking at how we can write these in words and what each digit means. We have also been comparing numbers using the greater than or less than crocodiles.

English - We are still focusing on our dilemma text ‘Lost or Stolen?’. This week the children have written their own blurb for the story using interesting words. We have also been focusing on inverted commas.

Science - In Science we have been looking at teeth. We have been able to identify the different types of teeth and describe the functions. We also compared human teeth to the teeth of different animals.

History - This week we have examined an Anglo-Saxon settlement. We discussed the different features and planned our own settlement.

RE - We have been looking at the Bible. We discussed what it was and why it is important. We were so lucky that Father Jim popped in to visit us during our lesson so the children were able to ask him some really interesting questions.

The children had their first wider opportunities lesson with Mrs Benson. The children seemed to really enjoy it and Mrs Benson came to find me to tell me how impressed she was with the class. Well done Year 4!

Award winners

Golden Award - This week the Golden award was given to Lila for her constant hard work and positive attitude to learning. Lila is a joy to teach and is constantly eager to learn.

Maths Award - This award went to Isabelle who has completely blown me away with her love for learning and growing independence in Maths.

Star Writer Award - The Star Writer Award was given to Cianna. The English work Cianna has produced this week has been incredible, the detail she gives to each piece of writing makes me want to read more and more!


English - Pages 60 and 61

Maths - Page 8

Children also need to practice their 3 times table fact sheet as they will have a short quiz on Friday 20th.

Again, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Cunningham-Kay

AuthorKathryn Cunningham-Kay

Hello and welcome to Year 4.  Each week I will write a blog to keep you informed of what the children have been learning.  I will also include homework tasks and any important notices.

I have been absolutely amazed by the children this week.  I am so proud of the maturity, enthusiasm and the positive attitude to learning the children have shown me.

We have been working extremely hard this week and have began our exciting learning together.

Maths - We have been looking at number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.  We have been also looking at what we need to add to a number to reach the next multiple of 100 and what we need to subtract to get to the previous 100.  The children have created some fabulous pieces of work that I am very impressed with.

English - We have completed our star reading tests this week and have been looking at a dilemma text called ‘Lost or Stolen?’  The children have been investigating the language used and identified the dilemma in the story.

Science - We have started a topic on animals including humans.  We have been looking at nutrition and what a healthy diet consists of.  The children also created their own menu’s of a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

History - We have began to look at our topic of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.  We discussed events we already knew about and placed them on a timeline.  We also mind mapped what we already knew about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. 

RE - This week we have done some work on Our Lady.  We have discussed why Mary is so important to us and thought about her feelings when the angel told her she was going to have the Son of God.  The children also wrote out the Hail Mary in beautiful handwriting and decorated it.

I have given the children homework this week;

Maths - pages 2 and 3

English - pages 36 and 37

Important notices:

  • P.E days are on a Tuesday and Friday.  Tuesday is our indoor session and Friday is our outdoor session.  During the Autumn term the children will also be taking part in a Yoga session.  Please can I remind parents that children with earrings must come into school either without earrings in or be able to take them out themselves.

  • Your child will come home with a reading book and log.  Please sign and date when your child has read.  I expect the children to be reading nightly.  Once the children have read a book then they will then take a test on accelerated reader to check their understanding of the book.

  •  I will put homework details on the blog every Friday.  As in Year 3 homework is given out on a Friday and is due in on a Tuesday.

  • The children will be coming home with spellings each week for them to learn however, there will be no weekly spelling test.  Instead, the children will consolidate their learning through activities in class and an end of term assessment.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to chat about your child.  You can call or email school but I am also around at the end of the day if you would like to catch me then.

I am so excited that I have such a lovely class and for the year ahead.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Cunningham-Kay

AuthorKathryn Cunningham-Kay

This week….

In maths, we have been using our known facts to derive other facts. We have made links with multiplication and division and shown how we can solve trickier multiplications, mentally, by using the facts we already know!

This week, we combined Geography and English. We looked at deforestation in the Rainforests, linking it with our Brazil topic. We then planned and wrote a balanced argument, outlining the pros and cons of deforestation. I was so impressed with the quality of writing produced and geography content within!

In Science, we have been drawing classification keys, to sort animals. We did one together as a class then had the chance to make our own in our books. To test whether they were accurate, we tried them out on our friends by getting them to pick an animal and then answer all the questions, and see if we ended on the animal they were thinking of.

In Art, we have added colour to our Romero Britto inspired pieces of art, using oil pastels. We have combined Pop Art with Cubism, just like Britto, to create our masterpieces. Here are us hard at work, and there are also some completed pieces to see….

Today was also Sports’ Day, and I was so proud of every single child in the class. They competed against each other so well, and worked so well as a team. Everyone was cheering each other on and I gave out so many stickers, I lost count. A big congratulations to LAYTON house, who were the winning team in kS2.


This week’s Golden Award went to Charlie for being a fantastic role model. He is also setting the right example and making good choices!

This week’s Writing Award went to Vinny for his for his detailed, well-written balanced argument. He produced a piece of writing that hit both his writing and geography targets!

I cannot believe there are only 2 weeks left of term…they do say time flies when you are having fun, and what a great year it has been. I will cherish these next couple of weeks together, before they take the next steps of their learning journey into year 5…I can see that they are certainly ready for year 5 now!

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well this week has been a full one…so much to fit in, in so little time!

In Maths we have been looking spotting link and connections between the are of shapes and solving multiplications by noticing links. We know to multiply by 8, for example, we can double, then double, then double again. This is because 8=2x2x2!

In English we have been writing our own poems, mostly in free verse. I am amazed with the standard of the poems the class have produced. They have really focused on their choice of language, and made sure they included similes and alliteration. As the weather has been so beautiful, we had a poem reading session outside…

In Art we have been looking at Romero Britto, a Brazilian artist. We have looked as some of his own pieces, which have inspired us to create our own piece of art using his cross between Pop Art and Cubism. Watch this space for pictures of our completed art pieces..

In our Fit2Go, we have learnt all about the eatwell guide and what foods we should be eating to maintain a balanced diet. We have also looked at the different bones and muscles in the body.


The Golden Award went to Zachary for his much improved focus in class this week.

The Writing Award went to Theo for his great language choice in his poem.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the sun again!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

As another week has flown by, here’s what we’ve been up….

In Maths, we have been finding the area of shapes. We found a pattern when we were looking at the area of a rectangle or square-we just need to multiply the length by the height!

In English, we have been writing Haiku poems. Haiku poems have very strict rules…they only have three lines and 17 syllables! The first and last line have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7…try and write your own at home!

In Science, we have been classifying animals. We made information leaflets all about different animals groups…what makes a bird a bird, or a mammal a mammal? We found it really interesting to look at the variation of animals within their groups (reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, insects and fish). We also looked at vertebrates/invertebrates and cold/warm blooded animals.

In RE, we have been looking at the Sacrament of Baptism. We looked at the different religious symbols in Baptism and also why we are baptised, what does it mean?


This week’s Golden Award went to Reuben for the amazing progress he has made in year 4-and this is all down to his hard work and determination!

This week’s Writing Award went to Audrey for her amazing Haiku poems. She managed to create such vivid images in so little words.

Other Information:

On Wednesday 26th June we are holding a Shakespeare Festival/Summer Fair at our school. Please come and join us from 4.30pm-6.00pm…there will be performances, a variety of stalls and refreshments!

Due to the Summer Fair next Wednesday, there will be no Science club after school on Weds 26th June. The other sessions will be on Weds 3rd July, 10th July, 17th July.

Sports day this year will be held on Friday 5th July, straight after morning Registration.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the sun while we have it!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well, we have reached our final half term in year 4, and what a busy term it will be!

Let’s see what we’ve been up to this week….

In Maths, we have been adding hundredths and tenths to number, developing our understanding of decimal places value. We have also been adding fractions together to make one whole, using a fraction wall to help us. I will send a fraction wall home with each child today, so they can revise their fraction work at home!

In English, we have started looking at poetry. We have read a few in class and looked at what language the poet uses and for what effect. We have also been writing our own similes to describe, as this is a really effective literary device to use in poetry-they really help to paint the image in the readers’ minds. It has also been lovely to hear some poems that a few children in the class have gone home and written themselves!

In RE, we have been thinking about the way the disciples muct have felt on Pentecost. We wrote diary entires, as if we were Peter, describing those feelings and explaining what actions the disciples took as a result of this.

In Science, we are looking at animals and their habitats. This week, we filled in our concept map to see if we could make any known connections with the vocabulary given. Over the next few weeks. we will be classifying animals into groups, using classification keys and looking at the human impact on our environment that can pose dangers to animals’ habitats.

Also this week, we started our Fit2Go programme. Anthony came and delivered us a lesson is class and then we did some dancing in the hall. The Fit2Go programme is a fantastic thing for Our Lady’s to be involved with as they cover a lot about the human body, healthy eating/balanced diet and exercise.

In History, we have been comparing Ancient Egypt to Modern day Egypt, looking at what was different and what is still the same even after thousands of years!

We have managed to fit so much amazing learning into just one week, and there is still plenty more to come!!


Golden Award-This week;s Golden Award went to Bella for her continued hard work and efforts in class.

Writing Award-This week’s Writing Award went to Ryan for his beautiful choice of language when using similes to describe.

Also, a big well done to Sophie and Liliana who won our class Spelling Bee, and will be representing our class in our KS2 Spelling Bee, On Monday!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Slater and the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well, I cannot believe that another half term has flown by…only one left until their Year 5 journey begins!

Yet again, I have been so proud with how focused and resilient the class have been, and the progress EVERY child has made, since September, is certainly noticeable!

With just one half term left together, I am excited to see the end results!!

This week….

In Maths, we have been using mental strategies for multiplication. It is important to realise that written methods are not always necessary, and when we can notice the mental strategies we can use, it makes it much easier for us!

This week we combined our English and History together as we have been Egyptian farmers, writing diary recounts of our farming life. We had to remember all the features of a diary recount, whilst included all our historic understanding of farming life in Ancient Egypt.

In Science, we made and described a variety of food chains. Ask us what a producer, consumer, predator and prey are!!



This week’s Golden Award went to Thomas for his focus in class this week.

This week’s Writing Award went to Tom for his well written diary recount.

As always, thank you to all of you for your continued support. This year has been an absolute delight so far and I am so pleased to see how far all your children have come, both academically and personally. Please enjoy your half term and I cannot wait for our return where we can continue on our learning journey and make sure we have reached our FULL potential before continuing that journey into year 5!

Miss Slater and The Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater

In Maths we have been looking at negative numbers. We have looked at them specifically in the context of temperature to help us get our head around the fact that the greater the negative number is, the smaller it is…-13 degress Celsius is much colder (lower) than 3 degress Celsius!

In English, we have started to draft our own play scripts-and what an amazing start we have made. Not only have we had to remember all the features of a play script, we’ve got our personal writing targets to consider too! Next week, I will be selecting a number of completing play scripts for groups to act out to the rest of the class-those picked will be the ones that give the clearest directions for the actors!

In History, we have been studying the many uses of the River Nile in Ancient Egypt. We have created information leaflets all about this, and how important it was in the running of their every day lives in Ancient Egypt.

In RE, we have been interpreting the words and actions of Jesus when he reappeared to disciples on Lake Galilee. His words and actions we so significant and had deep meaning…just like our words and actions truly reflect our beliefs!

In Art, we have been writing in hieroglyphs! We have written our names and then a secret message…all in hieroglyphs! We have even tea stained them to give the appearance of the papyrus paper the Ancient Egyptians used. These will go on display outside our classroom, so passer-by’s can have a go at deciphering them!


I simply has to give the whole of year 4 the Golden Award this week. They represented Our Lady’s School in such a positive way on our trip to BFC for the Fit2Go Festival. They wore their Our Lady’s bage with pride and certainly did me proud!

The writing award this week went to Sophie for her amazing start to her play script!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Slater and the Year 4 Team.

AuthorCatherine Slater

This week’s learning….

In Maths we have been focusing on 5-digit place value. We have been reading, writing, comparing and rounding numbers with 10,000s, and what a good job we have been doing too1

In English, we have been looking at the traditional tale of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. We are going to use this story to put a character on trial for their crimes by writing a play script of the courtroom scene. To help us prepare for this, we have been familiarising ourselves with the story and the characters and acting out some parts.

In RE, we have been thinking about how our behaviour and our actions are influenced by our beliefs. Knowing that Jesus truly is ‘The way, the truth and the life’ has really helped us to explain why we (and others) behave in certain ways, for example going to church, forgiving others, praying, raising money for charities…

In History, we have used images of Ancient Image to help us get an insight into what life was like during the time of Egypt all those 1000s of years ago. We are loving this new topic so far and we have so much more interesting things to learn!

In Science we have been looking at which parts of the body (which we can’t see), make up the digestive system. We put actions to each part to help us remember the function of the mouth, oesophagus, stomach and intestines…test us at home!


This week’s Golden Award went to Joseph for really developing his Growth Mindset, and showing resilience in the face of a challenge!

This week’s writing award went to Samuel for his fantastic use of our ‘power’ words in both his spoken and written English!

I hope you enjoy your lovely long weekend!

Miss Slater and the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater

Welcome back to our Summer Term…and what a busy term it will be too!

Let’s see what we’ve been up to this week….

In Maths we have been completing some assessments (nothing like a test to get us back in the swing of things!). I was so impressed with the effort all the class put into their assessments, and despite having over a week off school, our brains are clearly still switched on. We also practised the long method for multiplication and division this week, as we are keen to master it before year 5!

In RE, we have been looking at the significance and importance of Christ’s Death and Resurrection, and how the Easter story reflects Christian beliefs about Jesus.

In English, we are looking at Play Scripts. We have read the script for a Vietnamese play called ‘The Fly and the Fool’. We identified the different features of a play script and focused on a character from the play. Today, we had the opportunity to act the play out. The script was divided into 7 parts and in groups of 4, each scene was acted out….so as a class we acted out the whole play. I was blown away by the acting skills in this class!

Here are some pictures of us mid-drama….

In History this half term, we are looking at Ancient Egypt. This week, we completed our Egyptian concept map, to see what we already know, and today we had 6 different images related to Ancient Egypt which encouraged a ‘silent debate’. This entailed us going around the classroom and writing our opinions and thoughts around the image. If we had an opinion on anyone else’s comment, we could add that too…and this was all done silently. These pictures may give you a clearer idea as to what we did…

This week’s GOLDEN AWARD went to Liliana for her hard work and determination. She always puts effort into her work, and we all know in Year 4 that EFFORT=SUCCESS!!

Thank you to all the class for a strong start back at school…with just one more term left in Year 4, we need to start preparing ourselves for Year 5!

Have a lovely weekend (I know it’s a busy birthday weekend for a few girls in the class!)

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well this week we have been looking at perimeter in Maths. We now understand how to find the perimeter of shapes, and we have looking at quick ways to find the perimeter of squares and rectangles, without adding the length of each side individually.

In English we have fully planned and made a start at our new chapter of ‘Sugarcane Juice’. I have been wowed with some of the opening paragraphs the class have written-such great use of descriptive language to really paint a vivid image in the reader’s mind. We will continue with our Big Write next week. We also took our PIRA comprehension tests in English this week. I can confidently say I am not disappointed by anyone’s score...that’s not to say we couldn’t have done any better, as there is always room for improvement!

In RE, we have been celebrating our differences! We know that we are all part of God’s family and that He made us all in His image, but He also made us all so different and that’s what makes us unique! We looked at what makes us different to others in school, in the UK, and the biggest picture of all...the world! We recognised that we don’t all look the same, or speak the same, or come from the same country, but we do ALL deserve to be treated fairly and equally!

In Science and Geography we have added to our concept maps from the beginning of term, to show what we have learnt. We have also completed our initial concept maps for Science to show what we already know about next term’s topic ‘Animal, Including Humans’. In particular, we will be looking at teeth, the digestive system and food chains.


This week’s Golden Award went to Lily for her continued hard work and effort in class. The word ‘continued’ in really important as Lily always tried her hardest, in all that she does!

This week’s writing award went to Gabriella. If Gabriella’s Big Write is as good as her plan, I cannot wait to read it!!


We will be reflecting on Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Our reflection is on Wednesday morning at 9.10am, in the school hall. All are welcome to come and watch and share in this reflection with us.

 Have a lovely weekend, and I look forward to our last week together, before our Easter break!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

As we are mid-way through our Lenten journey, we have been reflecting on the Lenten promises we made. Some of us are really pleased at how well we are doing with our promise, while some of us realise we need to make more of an effort to live out that promise. We talked about the importance of fulfilling promises we make, just like God always does…and our Lenten promises help us to be an even better version of our wonderful selves!

The first Lenten Challenge Mass was this morning at 8.15am, in the school hall, followed by a cup of tea and some toast in the dining hall. It would be lovely to see more faces joining us at next week’s morning mass, next Friday!

In Maths this week, we have been looking at time on a 24-hour clock. This always proves to be a trickier concept to get our heads around, but I have been so pleased with everyone’s understanding. We all now know how to tell whether it is an AM or PM time on a digital clock, without having to have a.m or p.m next to it.

In English, we have continued to look at the story ‘Sugarcane Juice’. We did some great drama of a particular part of the story. Our first drama was a mime, without any dialogue and the second version was with the dialogue. As our story is set in Pakistan, we have read about ‘rupees’ being exchanged, as this is their currency. The Rupee is also the currency in India, so we were so lucky that Ryan brought in a 20 Rupee note for us to look at in class…

Here are some other pictures of us mid-drama…

This week, we were also invited along to St Mary’s for an afternoon of Athletics. We played handball, took part in several mini-athletic events and learnt a dance from the Greatest Showman (my favourite film!). I was so impressed with the classes’ behaviour-they really did Our Lady’s proud! We also won a lot of the events, competing against other schools in Blackpool!


This week’s Golden Award went to Gabriella for being an absolute delight to teach, every day!!

This week’s Writing Award went to Tia for her amazing spelling!

I hope you all have a wonderful, well-rested weekend, ready for what I know will be another wonderful week of learning.

Miss Slater and the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater

In Maths, we have been multiplying and dividing numbers by 100…we know to move each digit up or down two place values, as each digit is getting 100 times greater or smaller. We have also been using different methods for subtraction-we don’t want to become too reliant on just one way to solve subtractions,  when other ways may be more efficient!

In English, we have started looking a new text ‘Sugarcane Juice’ which is set in Pakistan. This week, we have been looking at some ‘power’ words  from the text and using them in our own sentences.

In RE, we have been looking at a piece of art, depicting Jesus in the Wilderness. This has evoked some questions, which we have noted down, and asked our friends to respond to. Next week, we will compare our own responses and reflections with our friends.

In Science, we have been researching the temperatures that some materials change states. We were very surprised to find out that aluminium changes states to a liquid at 660 degrees Celsius…this is very high!

In Geography, we produced some great information posters on Fair Trade. As our topic is ‘Where Does Our Food Come From?’, this really helped us to understand how important it is for poorer countries to be paid a fair prices for the products we have imported over to us.


This week’s Golden Award went to Hollie for being so focused in class. I have noticed huge improvements in her work this week -keep it up!

This week’s Writing Award went to Lily. I was so impressed with her determination to improve her own work. She really thought about what edits to make, and her second draft blew me away!


As we are going to St Mary’s on Wednesday afternoon, to partake in different athletic events, the children will need to come to school in their PE kit on this day. Due to this, we will not be having PE on Tuesday, so children can come in their normal uniform on this day-this is for this week only!

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

In Maths, we have been completing our problem solving and reasoning maths paper. We had to read the questions really carefully, before working out what the question was actually asking us to solve. This was a great way to show how much we have learnt (and remember!) from Spring term so far, as well as highlight the areas that we need to work on/ revisit.

In English, we have been drafting and editing newspaper reports. We had to include complex sentences in this report as we learnt about these last week. I was so impressed with the subordinate and relative clauses used in everyone’s writing. However, there was a fair bit of editing and improvements to be made. Some of us get into habits of missing some words out of sentences or repeating ourselves-we have really focused on improving this for future pieces of writing!

In RE, we have been looking at the different ways that we can share in the life of Jesus. This is particularly important to reflect on this now, as we are in the period of Lent. I was really touched (and teary eyed) reading all about the ways that the class feel they can personally share in His life, and their Lenten promises were lovely!

In Science, we have been investigating what happens to some materials when we apply heat to them and then let them cool down-did they change states? I will let your children fill you in on the answer to this…


This week’s Golden Award went to Abigail. She is such a helpful member of the class and always tries her hardest. It has also been lovely to see that she has been keeping her ‘friendship door’ wide open this week, always allowing people to walk through it and join in her games.

This week’s Writing Award went to Audrey for including our whole class targets in her newspaper article. It really made her writing much better!

Enjoy your weekend, and once again thank you for your continued support!

Miss Slater & the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well what a success World Book Day was!!

World Book Day is an amazing opportunity to remind ourselves of how enjoyable and important reading is. Reading allows us to take ourselves on amazing adventures, without stepping foot out of the door. Dr Suess was spot on with his quote, ‘The more you read, the more things you will know. the more you learn, the more places you’ll go.’

Yesterday we had the chance to clear the morning’s timetable, and partake it a variety of different activities…


The class had so much fun working their way around each activity, and it was a great chance for them to share their love for reading with others.

We also took part in the whole school ‘read in an unusual place’ challenge. Year 4 had VIP access to the staff room for our whole class read. We are currently reading Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Why the Whales Came’.

The day was great fun and we had a whole school assembly, in the afternoon, to show off our amazing costumes!

Thank you for all your support-the children looked fabulous and I could tell a lot of effort had been put into their costumes!


This week’s Golden Award went to Naomi. She is such a hard worker who always puts her all into her work-what more can I ask for?!

This week’s Writing Award went to Thomas. We did some tricky work on complex sentences, this week, by adding a subordinate or relative clause into a simple sentence (main clause). Thomas did this really well and used some great vocabulary.

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

Well this first week back has been great!

We have been looking at lines of symmetry and factor pairs in Maths, preparing for our newspaper ‘big write’ in English, explaining the water cycle in Science, researching seasonal foods in Geography and thinking about ways that we can act on Jesus’ advice in RE…..busy bees indeed!

This week we have also spoken about the importance of Internet Safety. More information about this can be found on the ‘News’ tab on the home page-there are some useful links for parents!


In preparation for World Book Day, every child has been sent home with a blank book template. We would like your child to draw a picture of the character that they are dressing up as for World Book Day, accompanied by the book they are from, the name of the character, and a few sentences about why they have chosen that character. Please can these be returned on (or before) World Book Day, which is next Thursday 7th March.


The Golden Award this week went to Tom for being so focused in class, this week. He has been trying so hard in all his learning-I’m very proud!

The Writing Award this week went to Charlie for his much improved presentation! Even Mrs McCooey brought me his RE book to show me how neat his handwriting was-your hard work paid off!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Slater and the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater

Can you believe we are half way through year 4 already?!

This last week has yet again been a jam-packed one!

In Maths, we have been looking at perpendicular and parallel lines. On top of the work we did on angles, we then had a greater range of vocabulary to describe different shapes and their properties.

We also did a maths arithmetic test and I was so impressed by how well the class did, on the whole-it also highlighted the areas that we need to do more work on!

In English, we have had a huge spelling focus this week. We have used our Read, Write, Inc spelling books to revise the prefixes, suffixes and sounds we have already done. We then had a go at writing down sentences, from memory, that were dictated by me (Miss Slater).

In Geography, we had prepared some questions for our visitor, who came into class on Wednesday. Mr. Brown is a local gardener, who has his own allotment. As our Geography topic is ‘Where does out food come from?’, this was a great opportunity to find out what foods we can grow locally, and also which foods we can’t. He talked to us about climate, weather and the importation of foods too!


This week’s Golden Award went to Liliana for being an enthusiastic and positive learner. Not only is she a pleasure to teach, she is also a pleasure for others to be around!

This week’s writing award went to Grace B for her recount of Mr Brown’s visit, in our Geography lesson. As well as being well-written, she had used lots of words from the Geography Word Bank.


Before Christmas, we had the chance to go to the Grundy to look at some art work which them inspired us to create our own masterpieces. An Artist from the gallery came in and worked with us and the artwork we produced is on display in the gallery now! How exciting!

Their artwork will be on display until 2nd March, so if you get chance over half term to go and see it, that would be great!


Year 4’s Artwork in the Grundy Art Gallery!

I have not set any book homework, but please keep up with home reading and times table practise.

I hope you all have a lovely week off and I look forward to the half term ahead!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

I have been so impressed with the efforts and work that the class have produced this week. We sure have been busy!

In Maths, we have been looking at different angles. Ask us what an acute, obtuse and right angle are! We have been naming these angles in different shapes and some of us have even been using protractors to measure our angles too!

In English, we have produced another Big Write. Our class target was to use inverted commas to show speech and I am pleased to say that everyone managed to do this! I was also blown away by some of the vocabulary choices that were used for effect…and what a powerful effect they had!

Tuesday was a Internet Safety Day, so we did lots of work and role play on the theme of ‘Digital Consent’. This was all about the importance of receiving or asking for permission before we make online choices. This was something that was really important to discuss with the class as more and more younger children have access to the digital world.

In RE, we have been looking at Judaism. We have looked at the different symbols of the Jewish religion as well as discuss their core beliefs. Next lesson, we are going to be comparing Judaism with Christianity…we already know that each faith shares some beliefs but differs with others.

In Science, we have been classifying solids, liquids and gases…we know that everything on earth can be classified into one of these groups. We will be discussing the differences between the three states of matter, on Monday.

In Geography, we have been researching were some foods originated. We know that many foods we can grow in lots of different places of the world but they had to come from somewhere. Next lesson we will be preparing some questions to ask to a visitor that grows his own food, here in Blackpool…he has an allotment. We can find out what foods he grows and which ones he can’t grow as well. We can also find out about how the weather can effect food growth.

In Art, we have been using oil pastels to draw pieces of fruit…we were inspired by Cezanne’s art and it just so happened to link in with our Geography topic too. Here are some pieces of our work so far (we will complete them next week)…

Award winners:

This week’s GOLDEN award went to Charlie for the efforts he has put into all his learning this week. On top of that, Charlie is such a caring and considerate member of the class, and a pleasure to teach. Although we had no certificates today, Charlie will get his award on Monday.

This week’s writing award went to Bella for her accurate use of inverted commas and her ambitious vocabulary choice-well done!

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater

We this week has been very productive!

We have been looking at subtraction methods in Maths, planning a ‘big write’ in English, looking at the story of The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple in RE, and on top of all that, we’ve started new Science (States of Matter) and Geography (Where does our food come from?) topics!

To end the week, year 4 have been doing an amazing job at doing some pencil drawings of a piece of artwork by the famous French artist, Cezanne. Last week, they used their regular HB pencils to sketch an outline and this week they have been using different shades of H and B pencils to create light and dark shading.

Here are some pictures of my little artists….

As we were at mass this morning, celebrating the feast of Candlemas, there was no Golden Assemble.

I will add the award winners to the blog on Monday….

This week’s GOLDEN award went to Vinny for simply being a delight to teach! His positive attitude and loving nature make him a joy to be around.

This week’s writing award went to Thomas for his big write plan. he used some great vocabulary! I can’t wait for the final draft!

Have a lovely weekend!

AuthorCatherine Slater

This week’s learning:

Maths-we have been subtracting one-digit numbers from a 4-digit number, crossing over a 1000s bridge. We quickly realised that it is easier to work it out mentally if we subtract to our multiple of 1000 first and then subtract the remaining amount. So for example, if we had 4002-6, we would partition 6 into 2 and 4 so we could subtract 2 first (4002-2=4000) then we just needed to take 4 away from 4000, which we know would be 3996. The class have done a great job at using this method, and can practice this at home with their maths homework.

In English, the class have produced some great character descriptions! We have been looking at the character of Mr. Patch, and using some ‘power’ words to describe what kind of man he is. I was so impressed with the detail that the children had included and how they had made the descriptions detailed rather that just listing adjectives-they are so good, they are display-worthy! Watch this space for pictures of our writing display!

In Science, we have been looking at the pitch of a sound. We investigated how different things can affect the pitch of a sound, including length, size, density and tightness/slackness. We made sounds with different instruments in class-some long/short, big/small. heavy/light and tight/slack. We then made a note of when the sound was high pitched and when it was low pitched. We then used our results to write a conclusion about what we had learnt.

In RE, the class have planned their own shared worships, in little groups. They have really thought about what they would like their theme to be and what prayer, scripture reading, music and resources, they want to include. Starting next week, the class will start to lead their own worships!


This week’s golden award went to Megan for being such a kind and considerate member of the class. Her positive attitude really shines through!

This week’s writing award was a tough one to choose, as I was so impressed with the effort all the class had put into their descriptions. I did, however, have to choose Sophie as my winner as she really won me over with her vivid description, accompanied with great grammar! 

As always, I have been so impressed with the effort this class out into their work-keep up the hard work!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater