Welcome to our final term together - Summer 2. I hope you all had a wonderful break. The children have come back very grown up and ready for the challenges this final term brings. With only 5 weeks to go until the summer holidays we will be working hard to prepare the children for their transition to Year 4. However, our amazing learning will continue right up until the final week. Here’s what we have been up to this week…

-Maths: we have continued with our column addition which the children are AMAZING at! They have blown me away with how well they can use this method to solve additions. We are now starting to look at time, which can be very tricky! We will rise to this challenge!

-English: we have started a new unit of work on poetry. This week we have looked at tongue twisters, nonsense poems and riddles. We created our own tongue twisters using our names and ensuring we used alliteration.

-Science: we have looked at nutrition and diet, with a focus on the 5 main food groups and nutrition pyramid. We also looked at the diets of different animals such as dogs, cats and parrots.

-Geography: we have been finishing off our work on land use and this week we thought about how much of the UK was urban and how much was rural.

-History: we are coming to the end of our Romans topic shortly, but this week we learnt all about Roman Gods and Goddesses and why the Romans believed in them. We learnt the meaning of new vocabulary such as ritual, superstition and omen. We then played some fabulous games to embed the facts we had learnt!

A few dates for your diaries:

  1. Year 3 Open Air Mass - next Thursday (20th June). Please ensure you return the slip from the letter sent home with your child regarding this

  2. 5th July - Sports Day

  3. 26th June - we are having a Shakespearian Fair starting at 4.30pm this day and finishing at 6pm. Our partner Shakespeare schools will all be setting up a stall on our school field and performing at various times. Our school will also have a stall and performance. There will be games, stalls and refreshments. All welcome!

Our award winners this week were:

Golden - Sam - for being a ray of sunshine in our class who always has time for others!

Congratulations also to Adam & Eliza who won our class Spelling Bee today. They will take part in our KS2 Spelling Bee on Monday.

Please see the homework tab for this week’s tasks and have a lovely weekend.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

This will be a very quick blog post just to wish you all a lovely half term break! We have been busy bees again this week and I just wanted to reiterate what I have said many times previously - I am so proud of each and every one of your children for the fabulous progress they are all making and for how well they have sailed through Year 3 so far!

I look forward to our final half term together beginning on June 10th.

Award winners this week were:

Golden - Theo

Writing - Olivia

No homework for the holidays aside from their reading please.

Have fun and see you soon!

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

Well…where do I start! The children have made me so unbelievably proud this week in so many ways. However, the stand out moment was when we went to Mass on Wednesday morning. The children were impeccably behaved, respectful and thoughtful. As I sat there and watched them it dawned on me how far they have come this year and how mature they are. I realised how little time we have left in Year 3 so I plan to cherish each moment with them next term. You should all be extremely proud as every one of these children brighten my day and I feel honoured to teach them. As we were leaving Mass a few members of the parish stopped me to tell me how impressed they were with their behaviour and I know they relayed this to Miss Haggerty too who was also very proud!

On Sunday we celebrate the first of two Holy Communion sessions. I am so excited to see the children take this special sacrament. They have worked hard to understand the Eucharist and are now ready to take this next step.

As usual, we have done some fabulous learning…

Maths - we have looked at subtraction by counting on

English - we have published our explanation texts including diagrams and a glossary - they look very professional!

History - we have started to learn about Hadrian’s Wall and why it was built

Science - we have finished our plants topic and have moved on to learning about animals

R.E. - we have focused heavily on the Mass this week and have also created posters for a Year of the Eucharist competition

P.E. - we have started practicing for Sports Day which will be held on the 5th July

An update on the Charity Race Night - we raised over £1000 for the Sanderson family. Thank you to all who attended and showed your support.

We were also very excited this week to welcome a new member in to our class - Baani. She has settled in beautifully and all the children have really welcomed her with open arms. Welcome Baani!

Award winners this week were:

Golden: Baani

Writing: Nathaniel & Mia

Maths: Grace

My reading certificate winners this week were Brodie, Elliot, Jacob, Lila and Nevaeh. Well done! A picture of these children can be found below as well as my winners from the previous week - Laciee, Declan & Kourtney.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Please see the homework tab for details of this week’s tasks.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

What a busy couple of weeks we have had in Year 3! We have been doing lots of super learning together and have been preparing ourselves for our Holy Communion in two weeks time. This is such a special time of year for the children and they have blown me away in their Communion sessions with their understanding and insight in to our faith.

Here’s what we have been up to on our learning journeys…

English - we have immersed ourselves in our explanation text writing and have learnt all about the structure and features of these particular texts. We have looked at different explanation texts such as how waves are created and how our toilet works, as well as looking at why the sea is salty. We have learnt about adverbs of time and created informative diagrams! The children are experts now!

Maths - we have looked at fractions, perimeter, angles, turns and placing numbers on a number line over the past two weeks. Ask your children to tell you how many degrees there are in a right angle, and if they can spot any around your home.

History - we are still working through our Romans topic and have finished looking at Boudicca and her rebellion. The children have made some wonderful Roman shields in their D&T lessons with Mrs Parker.

Geography - we have continued looking at Land Use and have learnt what a key on a map helps us to do. The children have added their own key to a map of the school. On Tuesday we went on a field trip in the local area to collect data on how the land is used and to create a sketch map of the area visited.

R.E. - In R.E. we have been learning about the Mass and focusing on why we go to Mass. The children completed a silent debate to see if they could work out the main reasons. We are going to have a big focus next week on the Mass and the Eucharist to prepare the children for their sacrament of Communion. This will include us attending Mass on Wednesday morning and creating our own reflection logs to fill in each time we visit Church.

Science - we have finished our investigation in to what plants need to grow. We found that plants cannot grow without the things we took away from them - light, heat and water. None of our plants grew and had started to die by the end of the experiment! We have also learnt about the life cycle of a plant and learnt some new vocabulary such as pollination, fertilisation and seed dispersal.

READING - After looking through the children’s reading logs I have noticed that some children are not reading enough at home. It is so important to do this so that the children can progress in their reading but it also helps with their writing. The children read for 30 minutes a day in school, therefore they only need to read for 10-15 minutes each night. Please ensure your child is doing this. Every time they read at home they will be given a sticker for their bookmark which builds up to a certificate and their name going in to a pot to potentially win a prize each half term. Going forward, I will be posting a picture of that week’s certificate winners to celebrate their successes.

Our award winners for the past two weeks are:

Golden - Kourtney & Sienna

Writing - Isabella & Jacob

Maths - Declan

Please see the homework tab for details of this week’s tasks.

Have a lovely weekend & I hope to see some of you at the race night this evening in support of Amy.

Miss Heim-Sarac

P.S. Next week I will be adding some photos to the site of our recent learning adventures! I will send a text to you all when these are on the website.

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

The children have come back to school after the Easter break refreshed and ready to learn! They have really impressed me this week with how focused they have been and this has certainly been reflected in their work. I hope this continues! I can’t believe we are now in our Summer term. Time really does go too fast.

We were very lucky to have a lady called Sarah Jane come in to school on Wednesday morning to teach us a dance lesson. The theme was Matilda and we had a great time learning some dance moves, freeze frames and duets. With so many avid readers in the class, Matilda was the perfect theme for us.

We have done some wonderful learning this week, and have managed to fit in lots, despite it being a shorter week. Here’s what we have been doing…

Maths - we have continued our focus on fractions and have been looking at fractions of amounts.

English - we have focused this week on our comprehension skills, looking at a poetry text called Walking with my Iguana. We have also recapped present perfect tense.

Science - we have learnt all about pollination and fertilisation, and have set up an experiment with a strawberry plant to see what plants need to grow.

R.E. - we have started a new unit of work on The Eucharist. We have also planned our very own class worships.

P.E. - Gymnastics - we adapted our Balancing Act sequences from before half term to include a change of level, speed and direction. We then performed these for the class.

A busy week indeed!

Due to our shorter week, I have only given out our Golden Award which went to Lila. Well done!

Please see the homework tab for details of this week’s tasks.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

I was so unbelievably proud of the class for their beautiful reflection of The Last Supper on Tuesday. Thank you to all who attended to support the children.

Throughout the week we have been so touched by the various reflections that have taken place daily in school. We have been able to see that while the week started joyously on Palm Sunday, Jesus suffered great pain and sorrow in the following days. It has been humbling to watch.

Here is what we have been learning this week…

Maths - we have been placing fractions on a number line - tricky work indeed but the children persevered and worked hard.

English - we have had a grammar focus this week on the present perfect tense. We really had to use our growth mindsets for this as it is very challenging, but the children blew me away with how hard they worked to put their learning in to practice. Well done!

Science - we recapped the different parts of a flower and then discussed their different jobs.

R.E. - we thought about why we do certain things during Lent, for example making Lenten promises and using the colour purple in Church.

Art - we have started to make our Roman shields; and we also made some fabulous Easter cards and baskets!

We have all had a great week, but here are my award winners:

Maths - Hallie. For being a fractions superstar!

English - Jacob. For creating some great present perfect sentences.

Golden - Mia. For being a true disciple of Jesus in all she does.

I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and restful Easter. No homework; although I would like the children to keep up with their daily reading.

Thank you,

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

The majority of our week has been spent preparing our Last Supper reflection assembly. This takes place on Tuesday at 9.10am. Please come along and see how hard the children have worked. With Holy Week falling in our school holidays; we are spending the week ahead reflecting on the events from this very special week.

Our learning this week…

In Maths this week we have looked at fractions and have learnt what non unit fractions are.

In English we have done our Star Reading tests and PiRA reading tests. We worked extremely hard on these and I am very proud of the children and their attitude to their learning. Well done! We also managed to fit in some grammar work on paragraphs.

In Science we finished our water transportation experiment (using celery) and it worked! We were very happy! Then, we had a go at dissecting flowers to identify the various parts like the ovary, carpel, filament, anther, stigma and style.

In R.E. we are finishing our topic on Reconciliation and this week we conducted our own Reconciliation service in class.

We have now finished our reading of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and are now reading The Sheep Pig by Dick King Smith. I would like the children to watch the film of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe this week in school, however with the film being rated PG I will need your permission for them to do so. A letter will be sent home in the next few days requesting this. Please return to school as soon as possible.

Our award winners this week are:

Maths - Jack. For super partitioning work!

Golden - Nevaeh. For her super attitude to her learning.

Writing - Jack. For great independent fact writing on the characters from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Please see the homework tab for details of this week’s tasks.

Thank you,

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

Firstly, I would like to wish all the Year 3 Mums a wonderful and special Mother’s Day this weekend. The children have spent quite some time this week making you some Mother’s Day surprises - I hope you like them. We are holding a Mothering Sunday tree planting event on Sunday morning after Mass - please come along. You can plant a tree with a dedication for £1, and there will be drinks and cakes available after for a donation.

Yet again the weeks seem to be flying by and we have had another busy week in Year 3…

In Maths we have been learning how to add numbers using partitioning. Firstly we did this with two digit numbers and then we moved on to three digit numbers. This was tricky and we had to remember the place value of our numbers before we could start.

In English we finished our discussion texts and had a wonderful debate about whether cats or dogs make better pets.

In Science we conducted an experiment in to water transportation using flowers and food colouring, which didn't quite go to plan! We are going to re do this next week using celery instead of flowers to see if we get better results.

In R.E. we learnt more about The Lost Son and how this parable relates to Reconciliation. The children wrote some wonderful letters as The Lost Son to his Father.

In History we have started to learn about Boudicca and her rebellion against the Romans.

Our award winners this week were:

Maths: Lila. For her super focus during Maths lessons

Writing: Grace. For a well thought out discussion text

Golden: Eliza. For always shining her light for Jesus

A wonderful week had by all!

Have a lovely weekend and please see the Homework tab for this week’s tasks.

Thank you,

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

This week we have had a huge focus on reconciliation and what it means. This tied in beautifully with the children taking their first reconciliation on Thursday evening. I was the proudest teacher in the world witnessing this. The children were respectful and mindful; and I could tell they all genuinely felt lighter after they had spoken to Father Jim or Canon Tim. It was a lovely service and I was very emotional throughout. It is at this point in the year that I start to see the children really maturing. Canon Tim commented on what a lovely group of children they are. Well done Year 3.

We have been learning lots of wonderful things this week…

-Maths: We completed our reasoning assessment at the start of the week. The children all tried their best. We then moved on to revisiting how to multiply and divide a number by 10.

-English: We have now written the first draft of our own discussion text, focusing on whether school break times should be longer. We also had a grammar focus on adverbs and adverbials.

-Science: We are continuing to observe our plants in the polytunnel - once they have sprouted we will be conducting an experiment to see what plants need to grow. Whilst this is happening we are learning about water transportation and will be conducting an investigation in to this next week. We are going to be looking at whether temperature affects how quickly water is transported in a plant.

-R.E.: Reconciliation has been our focus this week - we have looked at the parable of The Lost Son.

-Reading: I thought it would be nice if I updated you on what we are reading in class. We have just finished reading The Midnight Gang by David Walliams, which the children loved! We have now started The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. The children are enjoying hearing about the adventures in Narnia.

Our award winners this week are:

-Golden - all the children who took part in their first reconciliation on Thursday. I was so unbelievably proud!

-Writing - no award this week.

-Maths - Molly. For being a times tables superstar!

Here are some pictures of our book character pebbles that we created last week…

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Please see the homework section for this week’s tasks.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

Last week we tried hard to keep our Lenten promises. We prayed three times a day and tried to show more respect to one another. The children certainly worked hard to do this and there were some lovely moments during the week when the children went out of their way to be kinder to one another, which certainly gave us some teary eyes!

Here’s what we got up to in our learning…

In Maths we finished our work on division with remainders and moved on to solving calculations in number stories. We learnt the mnemonic ‘rats never catch ants’ to help us remember what we need to do. R - read, N - note the important information, C - find the calculation needed and A - find the answer!

In English we continued with our discussion texts work. We created some human balancing scales and learnt that a discussion text is where a statement is discussed; with both the positive and negative points of view talked about. We decided whether we agreed with certain statements - such as pizza is better than pasta; and school holidays are too short!

In History we started to learn about Roman roads and why they were built.

In Science we created role plays of the different parts of a plant and I asked the children to show me how water is transported around the different parts. These were fabulous and the groups all put their own individual stamp on their performances.

In R.E we focused on the story of The Lost Sheep and what this shows us about God’s forgiveness. We discussed how we are like the sheep and God is like the shepherd. He is always there to get us back on the right path when we get lost.

We also created some fantastic pebble art based on our World Book Day characters. Pictures to follow this week.

Award winners were:

Maths: Onalee

Writing: Theo

Golden: Grace

Please see the homework tab for details of the homework set on Friday.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

Well yesterday was World Book Day 2019 and what a fabulous day it was! Thank you very much for all the effort you made with the children’s outfits. They all looked fantastic! In the afternoon we had a lovely assembly where we all gathered together to see everyone’s wonderful costumes. After that we completed our school reading challenge which was to share a story in an unusual place…


We completed our afternoon by playing some book related games and by completing some book art. Next week we are going to create some book pebble characters…pictures to follow next week!

Here are some of the children in their costumes:

On Wednesday it was Ash Wednesday and we went over to Church to receive the ashes. I was so proud of how well behaved all the children were. As this day marks the start of Lent we have also made our class Lenten promises to prepare ourselves for Easter. We discussed how we need to act, give and pray during Lent and that is what we have based our promises on. We also made a class Lenten promise:


Here’s what else we have been up to this week:

-English: We have started a new topic this week on discussion texts.

-Maths: We have been learning how to divide with remainders.

-R.E: We have been learning about the story of Zaccheus and the Lost Sheep and how this teaches us about God’s forgiveness.

-Science: We are continuing our plant topic and have been learning what plants need to grow.

-History: We have now started our new Romans topic and have been learning about the Roman invasions in to Britain and putting these on to a timeline.

Our award winners this week are:

Golden - Nathaniel

Writing - Kourtney

Maths - Hallie

Please see the homework tab for details of this weeks tasks.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

A busy week has been had by all! The children have come back to school refreshed and excited for the term ahead. This week we have been counting on in maths to solve subtractions, finishing  our science fiction writing, starting a new topic in Science on plants and thinking about reconciliation in R.E.! Plus much more!

We have another busy week ahead of us…

-Ash Wednesday - we will be heading over to Church to receive the ashes as well as making our Lenten promises. This is a time when we can sacrifice something in our lives like Jesus did for us in the desert; and prepare ourselves for this period of reflection. We will also be making a class Lenten promise. I will share this with you next week.

-World Book Day - the children have come home with a blank book cover that is to be brought back in to school for World Book day with the following details: the name of the book that your child is taking inspiration from for their character; a picture/drawing of the character and a few sentences as to why your child has chosen that particular character. We are going to display these in school. We also have lots of exciting things planned for the day itself. I am very excited to see all of the fabulous costumes!

-Harry Potter evening - on Friday we are hosting a Harry Potter evening. Thank you to all who have purchased tickets. It promises to be a fun filled evening with some fabulous activities planned! I can’t wait!

Our award winners this week:

-Golden - Onalee

-Writing - Sienna

Your child has also brought home their mid term report this weekend. If you do have any questions or would like to discuss your child’s report then please feel free to speak to me at the end of the school day, or to call up and make an appointment to see me.

Please see the homework tab for details of this week’s homework. As well as this the children need to be reading daily. For every read they do at home they will earn a sticker for their bookmark, and for every bookmark completed the child will be entered in to a half termly draw to win a prize.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

Half term is once more upon us! It really is crazy how fast the weeks go by. We have done more fabulous learning this week, including:

-Maths: We have now finished our work on measurement and this week we completed some tricky assessments! We really had to use our growth mindsets and persevere. Well done to all the children for working so hard.

-English: We have almost finished our very own episodes of ‘A Tale of Two Robots’ and we have enjoyed deciding what our robots will get up to on their days out. We also did some further work this week on using dialogue in our writing, and what punctuation we must use with it!

-Science: We have started a new topic on Plants and have created a concept map of vocabulary we will be using next term. We had a go at connecting any words that we thought might be linked. We will update these as the topic progresses.

-P.E.: We are working really hard in P.E. to learn how to pass underarm. The children are so enthusiastic and are working hard to get this right. We have also learnt this week how to jump safely, and practiced star, straight and tuck jumps.

Our award winners this week were:

-Golden: Olivia

-Maths: Kourtney

On Thursday 7th March it is World Book Day. This year our theme is the ‘Wizarding World of Words’ and the children can dress up as a book character. It would be fabulous to see the children pick a character related to our theme. Maybe they would like to be a character from Harry Potter? Harry himself or Ron, Hermione or Malfoy? They may even want to pick an animal to dress up as such as Hedwig, or even Aragog the spider? The children could also pick characters from other stories such as Winnie the Witch or Room on the Broom. There is certainly lots of inspiration to be found! We are also holding a Harry Potter event on Friday the 8th March. Tickets are now on sale at £2 and there are only 70 places. It promises to be a fun packed evening! Letters went home yesterday.

No homework over the holidays, but please ensure your child is still reading daily.

Have a lovely break!

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

We have had a very busy week in Year 3! Here’s what we have been learning…

Maths - we have been learning about capacity and how this is measured in millilitres and litres. The children enjoying figuring out how much water different containers could hold (with a fair few spillages!)

English - we have been learning about conjunctions and determiners in preparation for next week when we will be writing a new episode of A Tale of Two Robots, featuring Robert and Nita (two room cleaning robots).

Science - our magnetic games are finally complete! The children have worked so hard on these and have blown me away with their knowledge of magnetic forces. Here are some pictures of their wonderful games…

ICT - On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day. We spent the afternoon learning about permission - what it means and why it is important to know that we can always say ‘no’. We thought of various scenarios online where we might be asked for permission, and thought about what we need to do in future if we are asked for permission to do something. We discussed how to question things and say no in a respectful way.

R.E. - We thought this week about the gospel story of Jesus being presented at the temple; and of Simeon’s reaction to Jesus. We discussed how we are all special in our own ways. We likened ourselves to K’Nex pieces - all different, all with a different purpose…yet when put together to create a bigger picture we can achieve wonderful things.

Reading Corner update - our reading corner is finished and it looks fabulous! Here it is with it’s designer Isabella…


We handed out our golden award and writing award from last week on Monday. They were awarded to:

Golden - Jensen

Writing - Isabelle

Our awards this week go to:

Golden - Evie

Maths - Adam

Writing - no writing award this week

Please ensure your child is reading daily and practicing their spellings/times tables.

Please see the homework tab for this week’s tasks.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

Today we celebrated Candlemas with a lovely service at Church. Candlemas commemorates the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple after his birth. As Jesus is the light of the world, this feast day sees Father bless the candles in Church for the year ahead. The children behaved beautifully at Church and we spent some time praying for those in need.

We have had a busy two weeks in Year 3. The children are working so hard! Here’s what we have been learning about…

Maths - we have been learning about money (creating amounts using coins and working on adding and subtracting different amounts) and have this week started to learn how to measure lengths in centimetres. We had a go at measuring each other’s forearms and feet and discussing the results!

English - we have moved on to a new genre of writing - Science fiction/fantasy stories. Using our RWI scheme we are starting to learn the story of A Tale of Two Robots.

R.E. - This week we have been learning a beautiful song in our daily worship sessions. The song is all about how God wants us to be his missionaries here on earth, by spreading the word that God loves everybody and also by helping those in need. The song is very catchy and I’m sure if you ask your children they will be able to sing you the chorus!

Science - We are at the end of our topic on Forces & Magnets. We are just finishing some fantastic magnetic games that the children have created, using magnetic force to attract materials. I will post some pictures of these next week.

P.E. - We were very excited this week as during our Gymnastics lesson the children had a go at exploring balances, travels and rolls using the equipment - including the climbing frame!

Last week I announced the winner of our Reading Corner competition - Isabella. All of the entries were fantastic and I could tell the children had worked so hard. This week we have been working together to bring Isabella’s design to life, and we are very nearly finished. I will post pictures of the finished result next week.

Award winners this week:

Maths: Kayden. For some fabulous contributions to class discussions and using some great Maths vocabulary in those contributions.

Writing: Will be given out on Monday due to Mass this morning.

Golden: Will be given out on Monday due to Mass this morning.

Can I please remind you to make sure the children are practicing their times tables and spellings each week, it’s so important and greatly benefits the work we do in school.

Year 3 News: Sam popped in after school one night this week. He looks so well and the operation was a success. We can’t wait to have him back in school with us.

Please see the homework tab for details of this weeks tasks.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

This week we have finally finished a class novel that we started before Christmas - The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher. The class have absolutely loved reading this book and have been hanging off my every word as I have been reading it to them. Ask your children to tell you this story - I have no doubt they will be able to give you lots of details! To see the children so engaged with a story and wanting to read more and more has been a pleasure to see.

We have been doing some wonderful learning this week. In Maths, we have started to learn about money. We have been looking at different coins and discussing their worth, as well as making different amounts using the coins. The children even took a trip to Miss Heim-Sarac’s shop to see what they could buy.

In English we have looked at the different features of instruction writing and planned our very own set of instructions - based on the book ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’. We also created a role play in our learning partners of the book. Next week we will start to write our instructions.

In Science we created our own compasses and went on a treasure hunt in the playground to see what we could find. We created our compasses using magnets; then each group was given a direction they had to follow to find their treasure.

We have done lots more wonderful learning in our other subjects too and the children continue to work hard. Well done.

Our award winners this week are:

Maths: Sam. For wonderful independent fraction work.

Golden: Jacob. For being such a hard worker and giving his all to everything he does.

A quick note: during our times tables and spelling test today a few of the children mentioned that they hadn’t practiced their spellings or times tables during the week. Please can I ask you to ensure that your children spend some time during the week doing this. Even five minutes a day would be beneficial! I am extremely grateful for any work that can be done at home.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

A huge welcome back to the children after their Christmas break and a Happy New Year to you all! I apologise for the delay in writing last week’s blog - the time has flown by! I have to say, I was so impressed with the children’s attitude and behaviour on their return to school last week. They all seemed so mature and I could tell they were well rested and ready to start the new year on a high! Well done Year 3, I hope these fabulous attitudes continue throughout the year.

In Maths last week we were looking at fractions - finding fractions of amounts (using unit and non-unit fractions). The children were very good at this and could complete this work confidently. Well done!

In English we completed a reading assessment to see how far we had progressed since September. Along with their reading quiz results, the children are doing well, however please continue to encourage your child to read at home - daily! The children already spend some time in school reading throughout the school day but they still need to read at home too. Thank you for your on-going support with this.

In Science we looked at magnet strength and we conducted an experiment where we investigated how many paper clips a magnet could hold in a chain. This then told us which magnet was the strongest! We then recorded our results in a bar chart.

In History we completed a quiz on Skara Brae.

In P.E. we carried on with our gymnastics unit from before half term and we started to look at different rolls. We then added them in to sequences we created before Christmas.

Our award winners last week were:

Golden Award - Georgina. Georgina is such a kind and caring member of our class who always carries Jesus in her heart.

Writing Award - Eliza. Eliza wrote a fabulous recount on the story of Sproutboy.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

This will be just a short post to say Merry Christmas to you all - I hope you all have a wonderful break filled with joy and happiness! Thank you for all your support so far this school year, the children really have been fabulous to teach and have made me so unbelievably proud. The highlight of the year for me so far has to have been their Advent Service in Church yesterday. The children performed so beautifully - singing, acting and dancing! I hope you enjoyed watching them as much as I did.

A huge thank you for all the support shown for our fun run this morning (which became a dance-a-thon due to the weather!). All monies raised will be donated to Amy’s family/Christie’s hospital.

I am excited to see what 2019 brings for the children - and on that note, Happy New Year!

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

I have spent some time reflecting this week on the progress the children have made since September. It has been such a privilege to see them mature and develop in to their life in the juniors. I am so incredibly proud of them all. This week has absolutely flown by and I sit here typing this feeling shocked that it is only one week to go until we break up for Christmas! We had a lovely assembly at the start of this week discussing the second week of advent and a beautiful advent service this morning before school in the hall. There will be another one next Friday at 8.15am - please come along if you can. We also had a very special treat today - watching the Reception nativity! It was wonderful.

Can I please remind you that it is the KS2 Advent Service on the 19th December at 2.30pm over at Church. Year 3 have the special job of acting out the Christmas story and they have been working super hard during rehearsals. I look forward to hopefully seeing you there.

In Maths this week we have been looking at fractions - recognising them as equal parts of a whole.

In English we have all now completed our STAR Reading tests and now have ZPDs. Everybody has done brilliantly - well done Year 3.

In Science we have been testing magnet strength and sorting magnetic and non magnetic materials.

In History we learnt about Skara Brae and started to create a news report on its discovery.

Award winners this week are:

Golden: Cianna

Maths: Isabella

No homework this week! Please could I ask, If possible, for the children to bring in a 2 litre (empty) milk bottle for Tuesday. We actually only need 15 altogether so please don’t worry if this isn’t possible.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac

We have ended this week with a beautiful day here in school. This morning we went over to Church for a Mass celebrating the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. The children were beautifully behaved. We then took part in a procession back to school where Father brought the blessed sacrament in to the hall. He did this by putting it in a special vessel called a monstrance. Just after break our class went to the hall to take part in adoration. We silently prayed to Jesus and thought about Him filling us with his love. The children made me so proud. They were reflective and respectful throughout. Just before lunch we went back to the hall while Father performed Benediction (blessing). It truly was a lovely morning.

We welcomed Ellie the elf to school this week. She has been hiding from the children and they have been enjoying trying to find her. Each day the children are also opening up a door of our advent calendar and they are enjoying listening to the story of Mary’s Little Donkey. Whilst we have been getting in to the Christmas spirit in Year 3, we have also been remembering the true meaning of Christmas and have written our advent promises.

This week has also seen us starting to prepare for our Advent Service on the 19th December at 2.30pm. I was blown away by how our first rehearsal went earlier this week. I am excited to see the final result when they perform for you.

In Maths this week we have been looking at doubling and halving.

In Science we conducted an experiment on friction - ask the children to tell you their findings!

In English we have carried on with our work on information texts and have also started to complete our star reading tests (these will give the children a new zpd).

In Geography we focused on one European country and created a fact file.

Awards this week:

Maths: Eliza

Golden & Writing: these will be handed out in assembly on Monday

Please could I kindly ask you all to check your children’s PE hoodies. Isabelle’s has gone missing (it is named) and we are wondering whether it has been picked up by mistake. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac