What an exciting week! We have been doing lots of investigations because our visitor was back again this week. Our poor toys have been frozen for most of the week. Yesterday, we decided to set up a camera to see who was freezing our toys. We were surprised to find… it was Elsa! She wrote back to all of our letters and explained she had heard we were learning all about winter and on her visits, she had accidentally frozen our toys. Reception have decided to forgive Elsa and they have loved drawing her pictures, writing her letters and learning about where she lives, in Norway!

We have continued growing our brains this week and we have been learning about 3D shapes. I have been very impressed with their 2D and 3D shape knowledge. I hope the children can point out some 2D and 3D shapes for you at home and outside - shapes are everywhere!

The children have been reading and writing in their new RWI groups this week. We have been really impressed with their sounds and blending. I am sure you can see their amazing progression at home too.

In RE we learned about when the first 4 disciples were called. We enjoyed talking about boats and fishermen. The children enjoyed listening to the story and we have made some lovely, colourful fish for our display!

Enjoy the photos, a snapshot of our exciting learning in Reception and have a lovely weekend.

Miss Dixon and the Reception team.

AuthorLeanne Dixon

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! The children loved listening to each other when we shared our stories from our holidays on Tuesday. They have returned to school for our second half term relaxed and ready to learn which is fantastic.

This week we have been learning about shapes and their properties. We have looked in particular at 2D shapes including: triangles, squares, rectangles, circles and pentagons. The children have been counting how many sides and corners the shapes have to prove which shape is which.

We have been practising the sounds which we learned before Christmas this week and blending them into words. The children are making great progress and that is thanks to the regular reading at home which really helps the children in school. Please keep this up, at least 3 times per week.

Next week the children will continue RWI phonics in groups, this will allow us to focus on each child and their needs. Some children will share RWI books in this time, this will be instead of time spent doing guided reading with the book that comes home. The children will still bring similar books home as we are not able to send the RWI books home. That means we will not write in their reading logs but we will be reading with the children 4 times per week in their RWI session. Please do keep writing in their reading logs and dating it when you read at home, as we do read them and it allows us to put stickers on their reading bookmarks.
Please catch me after school if you have any questions!

We have enjoyed starting our new topic - frozen! We have had a focus on winter and the seasons this week. The children have started learning ‘that’s not my polar bear…’ which is a lovely little story. Over the weeks, the children will make their own story maps and write their own stories based on this one. Unfortunately, we have had a visitor at the end of this week who has frozen our toys! This lead to an investigation to see how we could get the ice to melt and go away, we had lots of fun! We do have a feeling they might be back next week and some more of us will have to investigate…
Speaking of fun, we started learning how to do junk modelling this week! Watch this space for pictures of our super creations.

In RE we have learned about the Epiphany, when the Wise Men followed the star to see baby Jesus. The children cut out their own bright star and decorated them with sparkles, they certainly brighten up our classroom!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and the Reception team

AuthorLeanne Dixon

What an exciting week we have had in Reception! We have enjoyed the KS1 Nativity performance, KS2’s carol concert, our dancing in the hall and a very special visit from Dan Worsley! The children were memorised with Dan’s stories. I have uploaded pictures from all of the above and individual Nativity photos in the Reception - Galleries section of the website.

Thank-you for all of your support throughout our first term, it has been lovely to see all of the children blossom and become a real member of Our Lady’s school. I look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday 8th January.

Have a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year, thank-you very much for your very generous cards and gifts.

Miss Dixon and the Reception team

AuthorLeanne Dixon

Wow Reception! I am sure all of the family and friends who were lucky enough to come to our Nativity Performance will join me in saying a big WELLDONE to you all! Your hard work has paid off, what a wonderful way to end our week. Thank-you for all of your hard work at home, learning and practicing the children’s lines.

This week we have enjoyed immersing ourselves in the Christmas story. We have been retelling the story together, which we will continue next week. They have been making their own stable too, which shows the Christmas story in pictures.

In RWI we have been continuing to segment and blend CVC words using our robot arms, please continue to practice this at home. Next week, some children will bring home books with words in for them to share with you. Please continue to listen to your child reading and sharing the book atleast 3 times per week.

In Maths we have been looking at the number 10 this week. We have enjoyed making towers to 10, ordering numbers 1-10 and counting pictures to see how many there were. It is really tricky to count things which we can’t move, so the children put a line through the ones they had counted. They have blown me away with their super counting!

On Thursday we enjoyed a Christmas dinner with crackers, turkey, stuffing, hats and silly jokes. What a lot of fun!

Next week we look forward to watching the KS1 dress rehearsal for their Nativity performance on Monday. On Wednesday we will go to Church in the afternoon to join KS2 doing their carol concert.

On Thursday 20th December it is the Sponsored Santa Dash, please come to school in Christmas jumpers and remember to bring sponsorship forms and any money you have collected on or before Thursday. Family and friends you are welcome to stay and watch or join in, we will register the children and come straight back out to make a start!

On Friday 21st December we will break up for Christmas at 2pm.

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

It has been an exciting week in Reception, with the arrival of Hearty the elf and our amazing, knitted Nativity scene we have enjoyed the beginning of Advent. We also have a special ‘Mary’s Little Donkey’ advent calendar, which we have been opening each day to reveal the next part of the Nativity story. Thank-you for practising the children’s lines for our Nativity at home, please please continue to do this over the next week so on Friday the children will be full of confidence performing Humph the camel for you all to enjoy. The performance starts at 2pm and you do not need to bring tickets or worry about the costumes as we have them ready to go.

Aswell as all of our Advent activities, we have been enjoying our RWI quizzes this week. I have been so impressed with their fantastic progress, we are becoming super at our sounds. We have also been working on our blending and segmenting of the sounds (putting sounds together to make a word and splitting a word up into its sounds), we have done this with lots of CVC words such as: peg, cat and red. We also met Raymond the Robot who loves to watch us using our robot arms to say the sounds in a word. Please ask your children to show you this at home and see what they can do! We will continue this next week.

In Maths we have been focusing on the number 9 this week, Merlin had taken it so we have all been writing the number 9 and making it so he will be convinced to put it back!

This week was the last week of show and tell before Christmas, please do not bring anything for show and tell until after Christmas as we will not have chance to do it.

Thank-you to all of the people who have already sent in £1 this week, we are doing this instead of any Christmas cards this year so we can support our school family this Christmas.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

Reception has been buzzing with excitement this week as we have started our Nativity rehearsals in the hall. Please continue to practise your child’s speaking parts over the weekend, the children have been very patient this week as we have been learning where we will be standing and sitting. We hope next week our rehearsals will flow quickly and if the children can say their lines confidently that will really help.

This week we have learned the sh sound in RWI and the children have been enjoying revisiting all of the sounds we have learned so far. We will continue to revisit sounds and work on blending the sounds together next week. You could have a go at home using your RWI mat and see if you can blend words such as c-a-t (fred talk) = cat.

In Maths we have been focusing on the number 8 this week. We have been forming the number 8 in different ways using whiteboards, string, paint and pipe cleaners. We have also enjoyed trying to use tweezers to put the correct amount of counters in the cups.

We have enjoyed making paper plate Advent Wreaths this week ready for Advent beginning this weekend, we hope you enjoy this special time with your family.

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

Dare we say it? December is fast approaching and Christmas is around the corner! We have had an exciting week this week, the children now know who they are for our Nativity performance and they have brought their lines home (in their reading book wallets) to practice. Please practice them this weekend so we can have a good start to our rehearsals next week.

This week in RWI we have learned:
ch - The horse sneezes when the caterpillar’s hairs get up his nose!
qu - Round her head, up past her earrings and down her hair
x - Down the arm and leg and repeat the other side
ng - A thing on a string

In maths we have been focusing on the number 7. We have enjoyed singing the potato song and ordering numbers 1-7. We can even count backwards from 7! This week we have also been looking at part-part-whole and the different ways to make 7, this is tricky but the children have really started to create a good understanding using counters, lego and different objects.

We were very lucky to have Amanda visit us from the library. Amanda shared a story with us and the children loved joining in with the animal noises. Amanda would love to see the children at the library if you have chance to visit.

Please could you make sure you have put names in jumpers, hats and gloves. It is great that the children have lots of things to wrap up with in this cold weather but sometimes belongings fall off pegs and it is much easier to return with a name in!

Thank-you and have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

It was very special to see the children so engrossed and amazed with Karen yesterday. We were very lucky to have a special visit from 3 gorgeous owls, the children listened as Karen explained all about their eyes, ears, feathers (owls, unlike most other birds, do not have waterproof feathers so that explains why they do not like going out in the rain!), furniture and where they live. The children had the chance to look closely at a similar egg to those that the owls produce when they have their offspring. We also had a look at 2 pellets which the owls had made that morning, this shows that the owls must be very healthy. The children then had the opportunity to hold one of the lovely smaller owls. I was very impressed with the children’s sensible attitude and bravery when they were close to the owls. Please see the Reception - galleries section of our website where I will upload our photos.

In maths this week we have focused on the number 6. We have enjoyed a game using egg boxes where they were numbered 1-6 inside and we had to take turns with our partner, rolling the dice, to see which number we could fill up with our counters. The first person to land on all 6 numbers won! The children were great at taking turns and sharing with their partner.

In RWI this week we have learned 3 new sounds and one of these has ‘special friends’ - 2 letters together that makes one sound.
w - Down, up, down, up.
th - The princess is stuck in the tower and the horse comes to rescue her, the princess says thank-you.
z - Zig, zag, zig.

This week we have enjoyed starting the discussion books with our reading groups. In the wallet is the book and a reading diary, please date and comment every time you share the book. The sheet with ideas allows you to revisit the book more than once and discuss different parts of the story or do a different activity relating to the book. At this stage, we would like to create enjoyment and excitement when sharing a book. We will add stickers to the bookmarks in school for each date the children have shared the book at home. Please ensure you remember the books in the book bags every day from next week as we need them in school as well as at home.

Friday 14th December at 2pm - Reception Nativity performance. We will provide more information nearer to the time, the children may bring their lines to practice at home for our performance quite soon.

Please could I ask you to have a check of names in PE jumpers at home, Ronnie’s jumper is missing and we have had a thorough look in school, including the jumpers which the children wore on Monday, but if you could check name tags at home that would be very helpful.

Thank-you and have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

Thank-you for the fantastic woodland objects that you managed to collect over the weekend, please do bring them in on Monday if you collect any more this weekend. We have enjoyed our Owl Babies stories this week, the children are excited to have a go in our forest in the classroom next week. This week we have made our own owl babies puppets, painted the forest, retold the story using masks and ordered the story using pictures!

In Maths we have been looking at all of the numbers we have learned so far (1-5), we have been learning about the different ways we can make a number and the children made their very own owl baby number lines.

In RWI we have learned:
r - Down his back, then curl over his arm.
j - Down his body, curl and dot.
v - Down a wing, up a wing.
y - down a horn, up a horn and around his head.
The children are becoming increasingly confident at writing the sounds, I hope they will show you at home with their letters mat and whiteboard pen!

We have enjoyed having ‘trips to the forest’ in PE, where we have seen and acted like lots of the animals you may find! The children have been hopping, jumping and running around the forest. They have even collected food, flown back to their nest and jumped off the branches (benches to us)!

We will send the Divali tealight holders home soon but here is a sneak preview of the children with their lovely work.

Next week we will begin our discussion books, they will then be sent home (this will be throughout the week, some children will bring theirs home before others depending on the day we share the book with them in school) for you to share together. The book will come with an information sheet for you about the book and questions you could ask or activities you may choose to do. Please write in the reading record when you have shared the book and add any comments you have. We do ask that you spend a minimum of 3 times per week sharing the book(s) together. For each date the children have read, they will gain a sticker on their reading bookmark. Once the bookmark is full the children will receive a certificate for their reading at home.
These books must live in the children’s bags and come to school every day, as we may need them in school on any day.

If you have any questions, please catch me after school next week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

The children have returned to school this week well rested and ready to learn. Our topic this week has been all about Divali, which is next Wednesday 7th November. The children have made lovely tealight holders using clay with Mrs Mahoney and they have decorated them beautifully. We have also made rangoli patterns, mehndi patterns and fireworks out of chalk on black card. They look very effective! In PE the children have been making their own fireworks displays using different movements which we had practised together, including jumping, hopping, running and turning around. We added some colourful dancing sticks and pompoms to make our fireworks come to life!

In RWI this week we have learned:
f - Around the flower, around the stem and don’t forget the leaf.
e - Lift off the top and scoop out the egg.
l - Down the long leg.
h - Down the head to the hooves and over his back.

In maths this week we have focused on the number 5. Next week we will recap numbers 1-5, in particular we will be looking at our number formation. If you get chance to practice over the weekend with your whiteboard pens that would be fantastic.

On Thursday we went to church for All Saints Day. The children sat with their Year 5 buddies and we were all so impressed with their listening skills. We thought about our visit to church in the afternoon and enjoyed colouring pictures of just some of the Saints who we were thinking about in particular on Thursday.

Next week our topic is Owl Babies which will span over two weeks. If you happen to go out walking anywhere and find any woodland objects such as twigs, sticks, acorns, pebbles, leaves that you would like to bring into school for us to add to our collection that would be lovely.

Can I please remind you that on PE days children are to only wear trainers with shoe laces if they can tie them.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon