Thank-you for the fantastic woodland objects that you managed to collect over the weekend, please do bring them in on Monday if you collect any more this weekend. We have enjoyed our Owl Babies stories this week, the children are excited to have a go in our forest in the classroom next week. This week we have made our own owl babies puppets, painted the forest, retold the story using masks and ordered the story using pictures!

In Maths we have been looking at all of the numbers we have learned so far (1-5), we have been learning about the different ways we can make a number and the children made their very own owl baby number lines.

In RWI we have learned:
r - Down his back, then curl over his arm.
j - Down his body, curl and dot.
v - Down a wing, up a wing.
y - down a horn, up a horn and around his head.
The children are becoming increasingly confident at writing the sounds, I hope they will show you at home with their letters mat and whiteboard pen!

We have enjoyed having ‘trips to the forest’ in PE, where we have seen and acted like lots of the animals you may find! The children have been hopping, jumping and running around the forest. They have even collected food, flown back to their nest and jumped off the branches (benches to us)!

We will send the Divali tealight holders home soon but here is a sneak preview of the children with their lovely work.

Next week we will begin our discussion books, they will then be sent home (this will be throughout the week, some children will bring theirs home before others depending on the day we share the book with them in school) for you to share together. The book will come with an information sheet for you about the book and questions you could ask or activities you may choose to do. Please write in the reading record when you have shared the book and add any comments you have. We do ask that you spend a minimum of 3 times per week sharing the book(s) together. For each date the children have read, they will gain a sticker on their reading bookmark. Once the bookmark is full the children will receive a certificate for their reading at home.
These books must live in the children’s bags and come to school every day, as we may need them in school on any day.

If you have any questions, please catch me after school next week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

The children have returned to school this week well rested and ready to learn. Our topic this week has been all about Divali, which is next Wednesday 7th November. The children have made lovely tealight holders using clay with Mrs Mahoney and they have decorated them beautifully. We have also made rangoli patterns, mehndi patterns and fireworks out of chalk on black card. They look very effective! In PE the children have been making their own fireworks displays using different movements which we had practised together, including jumping, hopping, running and turning around. We added some colourful dancing sticks and pompoms to make our fireworks come to life!

In RWI this week we have learned:
f - Around the flower, around the stem and don’t forget the leaf.
e - Lift off the top and scoop out the egg.
l - Down the long leg.
h - Down the head to the hooves and over his back.

In maths this week we have focused on the number 5. Next week we will recap numbers 1-5, in particular we will be looking at our number formation. If you get chance to practice over the weekend with your whiteboard pens that would be fantastic.

On Thursday we went to church for All Saints Day. The children sat with their Year 5 buddies and we were all so impressed with their listening skills. We thought about our visit to church in the afternoon and enjoyed colouring pictures of just some of the Saints who we were thinking about in particular on Thursday.

Next week our topic is Owl Babies which will span over two weeks. If you happen to go out walking anywhere and find any woodland objects such as twigs, sticks, acorns, pebbles, leaves that you would like to bring into school for us to add to our collection that would be lovely.

Can I please remind you that on PE days children are to only wear trainers with shoe laces if they can tie them.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

What an incredible first half term we have had in reception. It truly has been a joy with 30 wonderful children, they have all made a fantastic start to their journey here at Our Lady’s. This week we have really enjoyed reading funnybones stories and making our own skeletons out of paper straws. The children added labels to their skeleton to show where the skull, hips, arms, legs, feet and other parts of the body were! We have enjoyed learning that we all have skeletons and they help to protect parts of our body, aswell as keeping us upright!

We have learned all about God’s creation this half term and in particular this week, we have been thinking about how we can look after God’s creation. We can take care of toys and people, help to put litter in the bin and thank other people who are looking after God’s world. I wonder if you will spot anybody over the next week, who is looking after God’s creation?

In RWI this week we have been continuing to practice our sounds and letter formation, the two new sounds we have learned this week are:
u - Down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle.
b - Down the laces to the heel, round the toe.

In maths we have been learning our numbers 0 - 10, but we have had a particular focus on numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Please practice forming these numbers in particular at home and counting anything and everything!

We enjoyed a hot chocolate on Wednesday raising money for CAFOD and a local restaurant, thank-you for all of your donations aswell as your harvest donations, they are greatly appreciated.


Have a lovely break, relax and enjoy spending time together. I look forward to welcoming the children back at school on Monday 29th October.

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

What an exciting week we have had in reception! On Tuesday we had a fantastic time with Darren from the FitFENCE team. The children certainly looked the part in all of the fencing kit and they learned lots of the words, such as ‘on guard, advance and retreat’. We were so impressed with their listening skills and their confidence to try something new.

Aswell as fencing, we have been busy in PE playing games from Jack and the Beanstalk! We have been climbing the beanstalk (crawling/walking along the benches and jumping off the end with 2 feet to 2 feet - I wonder if you could have a go at jumping like that this weekend!), using an underarm throw to put the magic beans in the garden and crawling like Daisy the cow whilst balancing magic beans!

In RWI this week we have learned:
o - To the top of the orange, all around the orange.
c - To the top of the caterpillar, curl around the caterpillar.
k - To the top of the kangaroo, down the kangaroo’s body, tail and leg.
The children are recognising the sounds we have learned so far very well. We timed ourselves this week and we could say all of the sounds in 27 seconds! Very impressive.

In Maths we have been focusing on the number 3. We have made our number 3 house, ordered numbers which Merlin had mixed up, listened to stories with 3 of the same characters and threaded patterns of 3!

As it is our school photographs next Thursday, please come to school in school uniform. We will not do PE on Thursday as the hall will be out of use for photographs and it means all of the children will look super smart in their school uniform!

The children’s last day at school for this half term is next Thursday 18th October (Wow, where has the time gone?), parents day is next Friday 19th October. Please make sure you have booked a time to see me/you are aware of the time allocated which will have come back to you with your child after your preference was received at the school office.

We hope you have a lovely weekend,
Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

This week we have been learning about God’s wonderful creation and what a perfect quote especially at this time of year. The pictures to the left show the children ordering the things which God created over 7 days (including day 7 where God rested!) and our lovely creation wheels which some children have made.
Next week, we will be collecting donations for Harvest. A letter has been sent home tonight which explains that in reception we kindly ask for beans as a donation. Please could you bring these on Friday 12th October.

We have continued our Read Write Inc this week, the children have blown me away with their amazing brains! They have worked really hard to remember all of their new sounds and the special rhymes which help us to form the letters correctly. We sometimes do add on a little extra, as we like to write our letters using pre cursive handwriting in reception.
Our new sounds this week are:
i - Down the body, dot for the head.
n - To the top of Nobby, down Nobby, over his net.
p - Down the plait and over the pirates face.
g - Round her face, down her hair and give her a curl.

Merlin was very cheeky this week. We have been learning all about the number 2. The children have enjoyed singing Jack and Gill with added role play, put lots of number 2 things in our number 2 house and played a matching pictures game BUT Merlin had taken our number 2 from Bob the Builders display! He asked the children to draw their own number 2 and to add it to the garden before we could have it back, I hope Merlin will put it back before next week!

In reception we love to sing and dance, aswell as our usual dancing and music this week, we had a lovely treat on Wednesday as Mrs Bird came to do music with the children in the hall. They used many instruments and had a lovely time making music to lots of songs.
We have also put our hopes and dreams on our tree, thank-you for sending them back into school. The children enjoyed sharing their wishes and photos.

Show and tell was a great success, the children listened carefully and enjoyed sharing their belongings and stories!
Thank-you for all of your continued support and we hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

Our first golden award went to each and every child in reception. All of the children deserve recognition for their fantastic start to school here at Our Lady’s. Welldone!

This week we have started learning our sounds, please use your RWI sound mat which I gave to you at our parent meetings if you would like to practice saying the sound and writing the letters at home. There is more information about Read Write Inc on the Reception - Curriculum & Parent Links part of our website. So far we have learned:
m - Maisie, mountain,mountain.
a - Around the apple, down the leaf.
s - To the top of the snake, slither down the snake.
d - Around his bottom, up his tall neck, down to his feet.
t - To the top of the tower, down the tower, across the tower.

In Maths we have been learning about the number 1 this week. Finding lots of things which we just had one of, playing games and writing the number 1. I wonder if the children can explain more of this to you at home! We have also been reading the rainbow fish and thinking about how we could be more like the rainbow fish. The children had some lovely ideas of what they may share with their friends and we made our promises by putting our marble in the pot.

We had a lovely time with Siobhan from CeeCee dance on Wednesday, the children really showed their fantastic listening skills and dancing skills.

We are going to do show and tell on a Friday, so if the children have anything they would like to bring to share (one per child please) please send it in their bag on a Friday. Please don’t worry about bringing something every Friday, we can speak about anything we would like to or listen to other children. If it could be related to our topic, ourselves, that would be great!

We hope you have a lovely weekend, fingers crossed the weather will be just as glorious as today!

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

What a fantastic first week we have had all together in reception. The children have been a joy from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave our classroom. Many of our teachers here at Our Lady’s have commented on what a lovely, calm class we have. The children have been introduced to two of our special people in class this week:
- Merlin the Maths wizard, who has been very impressed with the children’s number knowledge and he has joined us for our number rhymes, some of which involve counting up to 10 and back!
- Bob the dog, our new addition! The children suggested lots of lovely names including Fluffy, Ralph, Milo, Arthur, Cuddles… and from our ‘pick a name out of the hat’ style choice tool, he is now named Bob! He watches out all day for children working extremely hard in our classroom and at the end of the day he has the hard task of choosing one person to look after him for the evening.

As we know, pictures can speak a thousand words, so I will let the photos do the talking this week!

Here we are in our Reasoning Area:

Here we are in the library, sand, home corner, small world and our art studio:

We have enjoyed learning outdoors and making Bob the builder with Mrs Mahoney!

As I am sure you are, we are very proud of the children. Next Monday 24th September we have our special Welcome assembly at 9.10am, I hope you can make it!

Have a lovely weekend!
Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

This week has been fantastic. The children are all settled and ready to begin learning lots of new things as we begin our first full time week, next week! This week we have enjoyed counting through number rhymes and reading exciting big books together with lovely illustrations. Everybody has shown fantastic speaking and listening skills which we will be using lots throughout our reception journey. Some children have spotted a special box at the front of our classroom and asked what is inside, we decided we would have a look next week when everybody is together to see what is inside the box!

We met our buddies twice this week and the children have shown such confidence when playing together in our classroom. Their buddies will keep a look out for the children around school.

Here is a reminder of the timings of our school day which apply to us from next Monday:
Arrival: 8.45-8.55am (10 minute window to drop your child off at our reception gate).
Pick up: 3.25pm

Please come in full PE kit on Monday as we will begin PE lessons next week. Our 2 PE days are Monday and Thursday. Please do not wear any jewellery on PE days (most importantly no earrings as we are unable to take them out).

I hope to have confirmation of photo permission by next week so I can pop our photos on the website, then you can see how much fun the children are having in school!

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon

What a lovely first week we have had in Reception. Thank-you all for taking the time to come to our parent meetings at the beginning of the week, it has been lovely getting to know you all. 

The children have blown everybody away this week with their fantastic listening and exploration skills! They have been very busy inside and outside of the classroom. We have also enjoyed sharing stories together and playing games, the children have displayed great confidence and kindness towards one another.

We have taken lots of photos of our first week in Reception, once I have received all return slips regarding photo permission I will pop them on the website.

Please click here to access a letter from NHS England regarding children's immunisations. 

I look forward to seeing you next week, have a lovely weekend.
Miss Dixon


AuthorLeanne Dixon

This week in Reception, we have been continuing to learn all about Superheroes, using the stores about Supertato to help us. 

In literacy we have been planning and writing our own newspaper reports to tell everybody all about Supertato and the Evil Pea. We have also been thinking about what super powers we would like and how we would us them.

In maths, we have been focusing upon subtraction and have been showing how well we can use our fingers to take away. As well as starting to subtract larger numbers. We have been playing games such as bingo and kerplunk to help us!

Our topic has been human life cycles and we have talked about the different stages we will go through in our lives. We have thought about our own history and looked at photographs of ourselves from when we were babies. We have also made superhero cityscape pictures.

Sadly, we said goodbye to one of our class mates who is moving to his new school. We will miss him very much and we hope he continues to bring smiles to his new friends as he has to us. Good luck!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week.

AuthorLiam Whetnall