At this time everyone will be preparing for returning to school on Wednesday 2nd September. Many of you will already have your uniform ready to begin your new class - but here is a brief reminder of our uniform list in the form of the booklet which was sent out at the end of term last year.

Also, as you will know we are making some changes to our PE outdoor uniform and hopefully you will have had the chance to order our new school hooded sweatshirt which will be expected for use on outdoor activities beginning this term.

For the first time we are also inviting all our children to come to school for the whole day in their PE kit on their class' specific PE days. In this way the children will not need to keep (rather large) PE bags in school with many pieces of kit for their various activities. 

Our uniform and appearance policy still remains that children are expected to wear uniform in full with black school shoes (on non-PE days) and also a reminder that shave lines/steps are NOT permitted in school, or hair colouring/braiding. Decorative hair styles worn during the Summer need to be changed back for attendance at school.

We look forward to seeing everyone again for the new school year. Our children usually take real pride in their appearance and it makes not only the children but all our school community very proud.

School Uniform Leaflet

Authormelanie Haggerty