Please remember to do your homework and bring it in on time!

Spelling list 5 for quiz on Wednesday.

GPS book- make sure that you are up to date and have completed all sections from page 2-15. this will be reviewed on Tuesday.

Maths sat buster book- choose 2 or 3 sections that you find challenging and practise your skills.

Bedrock- All children now have a new bedrock login as the company have a new site. We have logged in at school so the children know how to access the site and have checked that their logins work. It is extremely important that they complete 2 sessions at home for the programme to have a significant positive affect on improving their vocabulary. We complete a session on a Wednesday in school, so ideally a session on a Monday and Friday or Saturday would be advantageous. The site will not let you do consecutive sessions as they children need 48 hour to use the new vocabulary they have learnt. I am sent a report each week, so please use this site to improve your child’s vocabulary. We need to complete 3 sessions a week for maximum impact.

IXL- will be back on line soon.

Once again can I remind you that if you have internet issues at home the children can access the relevant websites during school hours. Also, if your child is struggling with any aspect of their homework please tell them to see me; I have lunch time drop in sessions.

Thank you for your support. 

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