Remember we have a homework club on Tuesday lunch time, in the year 6 classroom if you have any questions. Please use this time to clear up any issues you have with topics we have covered; I am there to help! 

Maths: Page 9- percentages

              IXL:- P1 to P5

GPS book Page 5,6,7,8,9.

             IXL:- C1 to C5

Reading for quiz.  This week we will begin our reading champions. Will you have read enough to be a winner!

Spelling for quiz on Wednesday: list 1 and 2 , starting with the words: accommodate-accompany.


Just a quick note, please remember to access BEDROCK through chrome, according to the company this will eliminate any technical issues. You can also contact them directly by clicking the support tab. It is essential that you do 2 sessions of bedrock at home and in school we cover a session on Wednesday. research has shown that if used correctly your child’s  vocabulary and comprehension will increase. If you would like to read the report please let me know.

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