Maths: IXL fractions F1 and the others in this block if you can. Don’t give up too soon!

English: IXL prepositions F! ( try the whole block)

Bedrock : At least twice a week.

Writing task: Please can you write a newspaper article, remembering to use the who, when , where, what, why technique, to tell your readers about the mysterious man in green. Use the interview recorded by Bill Weaver as your source, remember the questions he asked Robin:

Why do you think it is acceptable to steal?

Are you responsible for the ambush on the Sheriff’s gold convoy and the wounding of his men?

Are wedding bells ringing for you and Lady Marion? She was spotted leaving Friar’s Fish Restaurant with you clutching a copy of Wonderful Weddings!

Set the tone of your piece by the type of language you choose, entice your reader in with a snappy strap line, use repetition for effect- remember that you want your readers to buy next weeks copy!

Good luck- enjoy the task. be creative-you can present your article in any format. Most of all make it interesting and engaging whilst using correct grammar and punctuation.

Authorfiona ormerod