As follow up to our South African drumming, singing and dancing workshops, we have decided to put the children forward for their Explore Arts Award. The Explore Arts Award is an Entry Level 3 qualification on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). To gain this award they have to collect their arts experiences in an Explore arts log as they go along, recording what they find and enjoy.

Instead of their usual homework, I am sending a copy of the arts award booklet that the children will need to fill in in order to gain their Arts award. Over this week and the half term holiday, I would like your child to discuss and complete the booklet, as best they can, about their experiences on Tuesday. Soon I will be putting photos of the day onto the website so the children can look back on the day and remind themselves of the things they did. The children should write their answers in sentences and can draw pictures in the boxes provided. When the children bring these back to school, I will go through the booklets with them and any additional information that the children may need to pass their award will be discussed. The children will then be given opportunity to add more and then record their thoughts and ideas neatly onto the official arts award booklet ready to be assessed. Photographs of the day will be provided for their final copy and video evidence collected will be submitted with your child’s work to back up their own written responses.

Our Lady's is an official Arts award centre and Mrs Ormerod and I are qualified Arts Award Advisers and will be assessing the children’s work, once completed, in order for them to gain their Explore Arts Award qualification. After our assessments, a sample of the work, chosen by the Arts Council, will be sent for moderation.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing your child’s work after half term. Please hand in 3rd November.

Mrs McVey


AuthorKay McVey