Year 5,

Your homework this week is to prepare for a BIG WRITE that we will be doing next Monday. Our RE topic this half term is all about inspirational people and I would like you to write about someone who is inspirational to you. You are going to write a short story of somebody you know or heard about, who is an inspirational person because he or she is a true follower of Jesus.

You will need to explain how this person was able to make a difference to the lives of individuals so you will need to know a lot about this person. If you are choosing someone who is a member of your family, you may want to speak to that person directly or other family members to find out lots of details about them and listen to their ideas about how your chosen person is an inspiration to them also. If, however, you choose someone who is not known to you personally, then you may need to research extensively so that you can be sure you have enough information to write about.

You will need to include all the points listed below.
 Say who the person is and why you chose him or her.
Explain why you think this person is inspirational.
Explain and give examples of how this person puts into practice the teaching of Jesus.  (You will need to think about what Jesus teaches - think about the stories you have heard and read from the Bible and what they have taught you about how Jesus and God want us to live our lives. For example you might want to think about the Ten Commandments or what Jesus taught us about how we should treat others ...)
Explain and give examples of how this person is/was able to make a difference to the lives of others

The completed writing you do in class will need to be two sides of A4, be in your best handwriting, show off your punctuation and contain ambitious vocabulary. As this task requires some careful thought and you will be required to write at length, it is essential that you do some preparation this week and over the weekend so that you can show off your writing. You will need to bring your preparation for MONDAY - make notes on each of the points so that you are sure to be able to include them in your writing.

Remember, you are choosing someone who is an inspiration to you! It could be a parent or a grandparent or anyone else you consider an inspiration. They may have made a difference to many people, for example through charity work, or you may just want to write about the difference they have made to you - no matter how small or large the difference!
In class we discussed the qualities an inspirational person may have:

Their words or actions challenge us to reflect on our own lives.

Thoughtful.                  Kind.               Determined.                         Courageous.

Think positively.               They work hard to make the best of every          

They make the world a better place for others.

They are admirable.      They may have overcome a great difficulty in
                                                                                                            their own lives.

They put others first.


I look forward to reading about your inspirational person. We will display your work in the classroom so if you would like to bring a picture of your inspirational person to attach to your work, then that would be lovely.


AuthorKay McVey