It is the expectation that Year 5 should read every night at home and parents please sign your child's reading diary each time they read so that they can collect their bookmark stickers. For each time your child reads three times in a week they will also receive a golden ticket which will be collected up and at the end of each half term we will draw out a reading champion. I want to see all of Year 5 receiving reading certificates and golden tickets in class!

The focus of our homework continues to be English and Maths. Each Friday the workbooks will be given out with the pages dated and highlighted and should be completed and handed in by the following Wednesday ready to mark together as a class.

Spellings will also be given out on a Friday. These spellings are taken from the Year 5 spelling list and it is the expectation that they will know how to spell them all by the end of Year 5. (These spellings are half of the ones taken from the Year 5&6 list so when they know these ones, they can start to work on the Year 6 ones.)

Each week Year 5 will also bring home a times table challenge and will be tested on these the following week. The children will need to learn off by heart the multiplication and division facts for each times table we are focusing on, but will also need to show through the test that they have remembered the facts they learnt from previous challenges! Knowing times tables to 12 x 12 is hugely important in many areas of maths and so it is imperative that Year 5 take time to learn these. The tests will be very fast paced so get learning Year 5!

The children will also be bringing home Bedrock homework, using an online website, which develops vocabulary through reading. I will share with you the expectations for this, once we’ve received their username and password.

Please don’t forget you can also access our safe home learning websites that Our Ladys subscribes to to support and enhance every child’s daily learning experience:

If your child no longer has this password, please ask.

Thank you for all your support.

AuthorKay McVey