I cannot believe we are already at the end of our second week together. All the children have settled in really well and I am incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

We have had a busy week of learning and the children have created some beautiful pieces of work! Lets keep it up!

Maths - In Maths we have begun to look a 4-digit numbers. We have been looking at how we can write these in words and what each digit means. We have also been comparing numbers using the greater than or less than crocodiles.

English - We are still focusing on our dilemma text ‘Lost or Stolen?’. This week the children have written their own blurb for the story using interesting words. We have also been focusing on inverted commas.

Science - In Science we have been looking at teeth. We have been able to identify the different types of teeth and describe the functions. We also compared human teeth to the teeth of different animals.

History - This week we have examined an Anglo-Saxon settlement. We discussed the different features and planned our own settlement.

RE - We have been looking at the Bible. We discussed what it was and why it is important. We were so lucky that Father Jim popped in to visit us during our lesson so the children were able to ask him some really interesting questions.

The children had their first wider opportunities lesson with Mrs Benson. The children seemed to really enjoy it and Mrs Benson came to find me to tell me how impressed she was with the class. Well done Year 4!

Award winners

Golden Award - This week the Golden award was given to Lila for her constant hard work and positive attitude to learning. Lila is a joy to teach and is constantly eager to learn.

Maths Award - This award went to Isabelle who has completely blown me away with her love for learning and growing independence in Maths.

Star Writer Award - The Star Writer Award was given to Cianna. The English work Cianna has produced this week has been incredible, the detail she gives to each piece of writing makes me want to read more and more!


English - Pages 60 and 61

Maths - Page 8

Children also need to practice their 3 times table fact sheet as they will have a short quiz on Friday 20th.

Again, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Cunningham-Kay

AuthorKathryn Cunningham-Kay