Firstly, I apologise for the delay in getting this blog to you - unfortunately I was not in school Friday or yesterday due to the sad passing of my godfather. It has been lovely to be back in school with the children today as I have missed them! Last week saw lots of fabulous learning…

Maths: the children learnt how to order and compare numbers; add and subtract 2 two digit numbers AND start to learn their multiplication tables (3s and 4s)! The children will be Maths superstars before we know it!

English: the children created some fabulous sentences using adjectives; as well as writing their own adventure for Barney & Stig from Stig of the Dump. They also created some fabulous freeze frames for Stone Age Boy! We definitely have some budding writers and actors on our hands.

History: we pretended we were Stone Age hunter gatherers and went on a hunt around the school grounds to see what we could use to help us to survive if we lived in the Stone Age.

R.E.: Father Jim kindly conducted a Baptism over at Church for us so that we could see first hand how a child enters the Christian Family. Thank you for the beautiful pictures you have sent in with the children from their own Baptisms.

Science: we looked at the nutrient pyramid and learnt why we need different nutrients in our diet.

Your child may have mentioned to you that we have learnt how to ‘bumblebee breathe’. Ask the children to show you how to do it! It helps the children feel calm and mindful; and we have been practicing this at numerous points throughout the school day.

Reminder: European Languages Day on the 26th (this Thursday). We will be learning all about Greece so please can the children come to school dressed in white and blue (the colours of the Greek flag). Thank you!

Award winners:

Maths: Oliver

No other awards were handed out due to school photographs being taken on Friday.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac