During the month of October we are taking part in Pope Francis’ Extraordinary Month of Mission where we are thinking of doing the little things that we do everyday, to the best of our ability. We are asking for God’s help with this mission each day in our prayers - no extra-ordinary actions needed, just to do the things that we do each day with care, attention and love.

ZOO TRIP - we are not going to be blessed with good weather tomorrow, so plenty of warm, waterproof clothes please! Fingers crossed.

We will not be in assembly this week, so no awards for Year 1 this week on Friday - I will do them in class next week.

This week we have been learning….

English - we are working through our pre-cursive letters in our handwriting, remembering to use full stops, capital letters and finger spaces in our writing. In RWI we are continuing to work on our phonics skills to support our reading, writing and spelling.

Maths - we are working on comparing numbers, using the signs of equal to, greater than and less than. We are used lots of materials to help us and have been practicing using our language in our own sentences.

Science - this week we were learning out what animals eat, grouping them as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

RE - this week the children wrote their own versions of Noah’s Ark - and they were wonderful!

History - we are been looking at the history of toys and thinking about the changes that we can see between our toys and the toys of the past.

I will post photographs of our trip on the website over the weekend….so keep checking!

Have a lovely weekend….Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 Team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst