Thank-you so much to those parents are ensuring that their children are reading AT LEAST three times a week. This is our minimum expectation - I would love if it every child was reading every night. PLEASE ENSURE YOU SIGN YOUR CHILD'S READING RECORD WHEN THEY READ TO YOU - SOME OF THE CHILDREN ARE INSISTANT THAT THEY HAVE READ, BUT WE ONLY KNOW THAT IF YOU SIGN THEIR RECORDS. THANK-YOU SO MUCH.

As we all know, those children who are avid readers, are also those children who have a wealth of ideas and language at their fingers tips when it comes to their own writing. It is our aim that all children should develop a life-long love of reading; reading for reading's sake and also reading for learning.

With this in mind, all of Our Lady's will start the 100 million minutes reading challenge tomorrow! In Key Stage 1 we are asking each child to read EVERY NIGHT in the week starting 1st March through to 9th March - reading records will be checked each day in school by either me or Mrs Veasey and those children who have read to an adult at home AND have had their reading record signed will be given a sticker for that day. They will then be given a 'tick' on the class reading sheet and allocated an amount of time for reading at home (you can write in how much time they have spent reading if you like.) At the end of the week these sheets will be collected and across each Key Stage prizes will be allocated - see letter that came home with your child yesterday for more details.

KEY POINTS - Challenge is set to see if your child can read at home every night for a week!

Reading Records MUST be signed by an adult - no time, sticker or time allocated if not signed. Records must also be signed daily - not just at the end of the week! 

Prizes given out at the end of the week to class who reads the most across the Key Stage and child who reads the most too!

 Reading is fun! Spread the Word!

AuthorLeanne Dixon