The month of October has ben designated by Pope Francis as an Extraordinary Month of Mission.


As a wonderful start to this month on Friday, our Year 6 celebrated mass with other Year 6 children from our local Lancashire Catholic schools. This was a very special time when all the children were asked to consider the responsibility of being a disciple of Christ. Fr Peter reminded them that just as Christ is the light of the world, they too are called to be lights for others. The children truly did praise the Lord with their beautiful singing. During the mass, a child from each of the schools lit a candle to signify their mission in the world. This candle was then blown out at the end of the mass and taken back to their schools. Following mass, we walked to the Parish Centre where a team from Castlerigg, lead by Sister Rose explored this theme further asking the children to think about how they are using their gifts to bear witness to Christ.

It is now up to the children to bring this light alive in their schools - how can they bring light to others? What a beautiful way to start this month of mission which officially begins tomorrow on the Feast of St Therese of Liseux.

Each of our children will be thinking about what they can do as their ‘mission’ during October. Please click on the image to reveal more from the day of mission.

We also have tickets on sale for the forthcoming ‘Merchant of Venice’ First Encounters production by The RSC which will be performed in our school hall at 7pm on Tuesday 8th October.

This is such a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to come along and enjoy a simple version of this Shakespeare play. So even if you have never seen any Shakespeare before, the First Encounters productions are accessible for all. You may even remember some quotes from the play from when you studied it!!!!!

Tickets are only £5 and are selling fast! So either come along to school to buy your ticket from the school office or call us on 01253 762833 to reserve your ticket.


Authormelanie Haggerty