Many of you passing by school this holiday might have had a huge shock...

You may have seen the huge diggers which have now demolished part of our school field and thought that we were having extensive building works undertaken!

This is in fact all part of the work that United Utilities are undertaking in the South Shore area over the next few years. As you will probably already know, United Utilities are working across Blackpool to increase the capacity of the sewer network, reduce the volume of surface water entering the sewer network and update the existing wastewater pumping station at Lennox Gate. This obviously involves the building of the underground storage tank in Fishers Field on Highfield Road to hold excess storm water. 

This has already impacted greatly upon our local environment as we can all see.

In this current phase of work United Utilities are then trying to identify the locations of surface water (rainwater) connections to the sewer network.                                                                                                         So the phase of work involving our field is a small piece of the huge network of pipework sending this surface water directly to sea via a brand new dedicated surface water pumping station.

It looks a real mess at the moment - but the pipes will be laid and the field back to normal again before we return to school on Tuesday 5th September... we just need to hope the grass grows back quickly!!!!

There is a leaflet you can access here  which will give you some more information about the project. Alternatively you can visit United Utilities website and read more about the works in our area. (Link below)

I will try to get some photos to let everyone see what has been happening.                                               United Utilities are also willing to come into school and talk to the children about what has been happening during the holidays and have promised to make a slideshow of the works to let us all see! 

Should be interesting!

Authormelanie Haggerty