TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT...   of our Christmas Fair and also our Arts Projection outside on the school building at 6pm!!!!!

We are all very excited and everyone hopes you will be able to join us for the Fair at 4.30pm and then our incredible Arts Projection at 6pm.  This is a 'first' for any school in the country - so we hope you can join us for this groundbreaking event tonight!

I also want to thank parents, families and friends for all your wonderful contributions to the amazing hampers for this year's Christmas Raffle prizes. Your kindness has been overwhelming (not to mention your imagination) and because of this; I'm sure anyone would be delighted to win one of these incredible prizes. In each hamper alone there must be over £60 worth of gifts - so well worth buying some tickets for.....

Have a look...

Don't they look amazing?????

All the hampers are on display in the entrance - so you can have a look as you come in to the Fair tonight!

Well done everyone and thank you!

Authormelanie Haggerty