Year 6 have worked extremely hard this week and their behaviour has been exemplary, that is why they won ‘star in the jar’. Well done!

Congratulations also go to Ethan and Charlie for being voted Head boy and Deputy Head boy, along with Jessica and Francesca, Head girl and Deputy Head Girl with Daisy as acting vice deputy.

We are still reviewing the applications for office positions and chairman, interviews will be held soon, but we can announce that the following children were successful in their application for a specific role:

Nathan - house points

Matthew - sound and lights

Leo - sound and lights

Archie- sound and lights

Gabrielle - library

Jack - P.E.

Congratulations to them all.

A reminder that our school trip is next week, Thursday 27th September, please if you have not paid can you send payment in as soon as possible. Also, if your child is not dressing up then they need to come in their P.E. kit. If it is raining it is essential that they bring waterproofs as we are walking. There will be a room available for them to take off their wet outer wear for it to dry ready for the walk back to school. Pack lunch is required unless you have received a letter from Mrs Wilson.

I hope you have an enjoyable week end.

Mrs Ormerod

Cookery was a great success!

Authorfiona ormerod

It has been a very busy week this week and as a class we have achieved a lot!

This week we began our history topic and I am looking forward to hearing stories about family members experiences of WWII, as we work towards deepening our understanding as to why the war began and the impact the Blitz had on the country. We are all excited for our visit to Hangar 42 on Thursday 27th September.

I would like to say thank you to all those parents who were able to attend the year 6 meeting, it was lovely to see you all and your support is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations this week go to Thomas for receiving the Golden award and we look forward to finding out the results of the votes for head boy, head girl, deputy head boy and deputy head girl on Monday.

Also, don’t forget if you want to appear with the RSC in a Comedy of Error on the 6th November please learn your lines for the first round of auditions on Monday.

Have a great week end.

mrs O

Authorfiona ormerod

It has been lovely to see you all again after the summer holidays!

Already we have been working on our growth mindset, have become scientific investigators, begun to interrogate our class text, 'Carrie's War', along with trying to beat the clock with our times tables skills. 

On Monday we will be presenting our speeches, in-front of the whole school, for the position of head boy and girl. Please remember to practice reading them aloud with clear voices over the week end and remember to emphasize in your speech the qualities that you posses that would make you an ideal candidate for the job.

 Please remember to look at the homework page for a reminder of your tasks. 

As the class teacher I am looking forward to meeting parents on Wednesday 12th September at 3:45pm for an introduction to what year 6 entails. I hope that you can make it.

Mrs Ormerod  


Authorfiona ormerod

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals School Nursing Service have developed a Health Needs Questionnaire for Year 6 pupils, this is to identify the Public Health Needs of the school population. 

The questionnaire is strictly anonymous, no personal identifiable information will be collected. However the information collected will help the School Nursing to understand the health needs of the local area and target resources accordingly. 

It will take the children around 10 minutes to answer a series of questions relating to healthy lifestyle and emotional health. Our school nurses will be on hand to chat with the class and answer any questions they may have after completing the form. 

You are welcome to call into the school office to see a copy of the questionnaire or if you would like a copy sending home please let us know

Thank You


Authormelanie Haggerty

We've had yet another busy day at Waterpark today. Again, we have been pushing ourselves to new heights (literally in some cases!) and are showing just how perseverant we can be!

The day started with sandwich making before having a hearty breakfast of bacon sandwiches. Some of us chose to have cereal or toast instead to set us up for the day. Afterwards, we all got into groups for our daily briefing.

Swirl How (Mrs Murray and Mr Whetnall's group) had a very exciting, and incredibly wet, day! We travelled by minibus to Church Beck Ghyll in our waterproofs and buoyancy aids. There was lots of scrambling and climbing over slippy rocks and crags but we kept our composure (despite being soaked to the skin!) and travelled upwards along the water. Along the way, we had to crawl under fallen tree branches, climb up fast-flowing waterfalls and scale tall rock faces. Every single one of us gave one hundred percent effort and we all overcame each challenge. It was lovely to see so many helpful children showing kindness and support for their classmates. When we came to the end of the ghyll, we reached a rock face which led to a pool of water so deep that we couldn't touch the bottom! We took turns to jump into the water and swam back to our friends. When we returned to Waterpark, we sat down to have our lunch. We were given a choice of a wet afternoon kayaking or climbing the high ropes. Kayaking won by a landslide! We had to help our instructor to get the kayaks to the shore and climbed inside ready to go. We practiced paddling along, making rafts by joining up with other boats and even had a go at trying to stand up on our kayak. Afterwards, we were given free time on the kayaks and the girls managed to fit four of them on a kayak and paddle along. The boys obviously tried to one-up this and managed to squash five of them onto their kayak, however they were doomed from the start and soon capsized into the chilly lake! Some of us made a double decker kayak and tried to paddle along on this but it was very tricky. Finally, we took turns to jump off the jetty and plunge into the water. A favourite, as always!

Coniston (Mr Smith's group) had a very busy and tiring day as it was journey day! It all started with a three mile walk, taking in some of the fantastic scenery that the Lake District has to offer. Along the way we reached a slate quarry and had to tread carefully. We then found ourselves in somewhere very dark, very damp and much larger than we expected. A cave! A forty foot high cave. This cave is nicknamed 'Cathedral Cave' and apparently lots of famous movies have been filmed there. We were given candles and walked around inside with only the slight candle light to guide our way. We then blew our candles out and used fantastic teamwork skills to feel our way along to the back. You won't believe how amazing and brave we were. Afterwards, one of us had a lovely surprise. We all sang happy birthday to Harvey with our candles relit. After leaving the cave, we went on another walk up to a nearby ghyll and had a splash and a dive in the icy cold water. We all enjoyed this.

Wetherlam (Miss Dixon's group) have been doing a bit of everything today. It all started, of course, by getting wet. One of our favourite things to do at Waterpark! We walked down to the boat house and heard that we would be going kayaking. We worked hard together to get our kayaks set up on the water. We then learned the basic skills and got used to travelling around on the lake. We played games, such as racing, floating and rafting skills. After we had mastered these skills we got to play pirates! We became buccaneers and had to rescue lots of floating treasure from the water as quickly as we could. Apparently, Miss Dixon was very close to becoming the winner! When we had finished kayaking, we got to jump of a rather large jetty. We leapt into the water, pulling a number of fantastic poses as we plunged into the lake. The whole morning was finished off with a wild swim on Lake Coniston. Great fun! In the afternoon, we managed to shed our wet clothes and tried something a little drier. We spent the other half of the day climbing. We began by climbing the platform pole. Basically, we had to scale a tree trunk with a square platform placed on the top and try to pull ourselves up. It isn't as easy as it may sound! We even managed to get three of us stood on the top at one time, although this was very wobbly. Our last climbing activity of the day was the leap of faith. We scaled a tree carefully and then had to jump! There was a giant ball swinging between the trees and the aim was to reach it when jumping. Tricky! We showed real perseverance and team spirit to achieve our goals!

This evening started, rather sadly, with us having to pack ready to see you all tomorrow afternoon. We have kept the changing rooms and our bedrooms spotless. Our teachers have been surprised and very impressed! Tea today was sausage, chips and beans; followed by jelly and ice cream. It is safe to say that we really enjoyed this!

Our last activity of the day was our talent show and I really couldn't believe just how gifted our children are. The wonderful Joshua, Kai and Lawrence took the role of compares on and kept us entertained whilst introducing the acts. Ant, Dec and Stephen Mulhearn eat your heart out! Oliver impressed us with his magic tricks. Gracie and Roisin managed to make music and sing at the same time with their cup songs. Daniel then relaxed us with his self-taught piano skills. Chloe then performed a brilliant gymnastic dance. Lewis showed us his brilliant flute skills with a wonderful medley. Joseph was able to impress us with a piano master class. Thomas followed suit with a piano ensemble of his own. Lottie, Anabel and Chloe sang a beautiful rendition of 'Friends'. Henry then took a turn to tinkle the ivories, showing us his own self-taught skills on the piano. The whole talent show ended with Mr Smith and the Midgettes (Bethany, Lydia and Gracie) performing a rendition of Ghostbusters aptly titled 'Midge Busters', complete with a hoover. You will understand the importance of this song when the children arrive home. We were so impressed with everyone and they all did themselves proud. Well done everyone!

Tomorrow is our last day and we will be sad to leave but excited to see everyone at home. We have some morning activities planned tomorrow and we will be sure to let you know how we get on.

Tonight's blog has been written by Mr Whetnall as the other children have been so busy with the talent show and are now settled into bed. We hope you've enjoyed our daily updates!


AuthorLiam Whetnall

We have really enjoyed our first full day at waterpark. All 3 groups have really pushed theirselves and created some fantastic memories. The children are excellent at keeping their rooms, shower areas and drying rooms neat and tidy. 

Weatherlam have canoed as a group across Conniston lake then dropped the boat at shore and had lunch. Then we started a walk on our own following a map and clues, it was tricky but we all pesevered towards the ice cream place then we had one. Then we sailed back to water park.

Swirl How have driven to the other side of the lake. We had an ice cream and then started our adventure. We walked 2 miles down the lake and finally found the boat that we were going to sail back to water park. Then when we got back we went on the high ropes.

Today, Coniston group leaders decided to take us rock climbing. To get there we had to canoe across a lake, it was a hard task but as a team we managed to get there. After the canoe we had to walk a long way up a colossal hill and at the top was The Crag. Each of us had a go (even Mr.Smith) and all loved it. Then we had lunch with a beautiful view of the mountains... Later on (when we had finished Lunch) each of us were taken to get changed into huge wet-suits  so that we could go kayaking in the lake. We played multiple games and slowly but surely got used to the water. 

This evening everybody went outside to the bonfire. The children told ghost stories (most being teletubbies related!), 3 children received their child of the day awards, we played the clapping game and we then we played a game of zombie. The children have enjoyed a hot chocolate before bed and they are ready for a good sleep for our day full of activities tomorrow!

Written by Chloe, Lydia, Bethany and Olivia.


AuthorLeanne Dixon

We have all arrived safely at Waterpark! We are so lucky with the weather, It is beautiful here and the children have settled in very well. We have already been very busy doing lots of activities.

Weatherlam have been Ghyll scrambling, where we climbed up a waterfall, sliding down parts of the waterfall and then jumped in right at the end! Everybody managed to jump in so we have set the bar very high for the week!

Swirlhow have been canoeing this afternoon and we have had much fun learning how to. They also had the pleasure of jumping in the lake and having a swim..... also a water fight!

Conniston had a great day Ghyll Scrambling they had much fun climbing up a waterfall flowing down a moutain, all of the group managed to have a go and were quite confident too.

In the evening, the whole class played a game, where we all were all in pairs and we had to find different signs which had names and numbers and we had to remember the numbers and report them to the teachers. Me(Lawrence) and my partner, Josh, came joint 1st with Olivia and Chloe Sanderson, and we all got a bag of sweets as a prize. 

Blog written by Lawrence, Gracie and Harvey.

AuthorLeanne Dixon

Year 6 are really getting to grips with coding the micro:bits now and have made some games which have been a lot of fun. Last week they made a game of frustration and this week a fortune teller...

AuthorKay McVey

Today Year 6 started programming using a micro-bit. A micro-bit is a stripped down computer which children can use to code and create anything they set their minds to! It’s intended as a starter device to give children a basic introduction to physical computing and tinkering, so that they can move on to using more advanced devices.

Year 6 had fun coding and then downloading their programme to make interactive badges...

AuthorKay McVey

We have been working hard on our study of Macbeth and have enjoyed writing dairy entries from Banquo's point of view. We are looking forward to sharing our work with the rest of the school along with going to watch some of Our Lady's children performing Macbeth at the Grand theatre in March.  

Well done to those in year 6 who took part in Schools Alive on Thursday evening you did an amazing job!

Year 6 would like to share with you their end of term musical compositions, please click below to watch.

Authorfiona ormerod

We have had a very busy two weeks delving into the murky depths of Shakespeare's play Macbeth. Battles have been fought and won, prophecies from witches received and letters sent! Watch this space for more updates and a peak at the work we have produced.

We are all excited and ready to write the winning entry for this years 500 word competition. Mrs Ormerod can not wait to read our fabulously imaginative stories! ( See home work page and letter sent home for more information.)

Our golden award winner for last week was Jack and this week the winner is Grace. Well done!



Authorfiona ormerod

Welcome back after your Christmas break, it was lovely to hear how you spent your time.

Well, now we are back and this week we have launched into our study of 'Macbeth' and already we have begun to produce some thoughtful work. I look forward to sharing the work that we produce over the next few weeks with parents. 

In mathematics we have been working on Pie charts and word problems. Next week we will be looking at coordinates, translation and rotation! 

Our golden award winner was Ashleigh, congratulations! Also well done to Gracie for beeing awarded star writer this week.

Authorfiona ormerod

Over the past two week we have been very busy in year 6! We have visited the Grundy art gallery to look at paintings to inspire our art work based on events during world war 2. Our attention was drawn to a painting of a dove by Picasso and a bleak scene of the trenches.

 We were particularly impressed by a painting of a rainbow drying on a washing line entitled, 'Wet Rainbow'. Following on from our science topic on light we thought it would be a great idea to use our scientific knowledge and combine it with the 'wet rainbow' idea and see what we can create. Our work will be exhibited in the Grundy Art gallery next year!

Monday was very exciting! We became crime scene investigators, using our critical thinking skills to solve a murder! We learnt how to analyze evidence, brush a crime scene for finger prints, check DNA profiles, cross check statements and finally we became the court complete with judge to sentence the criminal.  



We would like to thank all those who came to our history day, we were overwhelmed by the response and the kind words you had to share with us.


Authorfiona ormerod

This week we have been thinking about all of the brave people who fought in the wars for our country. On Friday we were able to share with the whole school an assembly to remind everyone of the sacrifices people of Britain made in difficult times during the war.  

We hope that you will be able to join us in the school hall on Friday 17th November, 2:45pm to share our living history event.

Authorfiona ormerod

This was a busy week , not just for year 6, but the whole school. On Monday the brilliant author Dan Worsley can into school to tell us all about his new book! He really helped us to develop our growth mindset further as he showed us how many drafts of his writing he had to do before he reached a finished product. What an inspiration!

We took this resilience into our maths learning this week, as we had a maths day and we tackled Pythagoras Theory! At first we were not sure but after demonstrating the principle practically, cutting out squares, we eventually saw the 'math magic'  and were amazed! We then moved this further and began to understand what the algebraic formula for his theory meant. We then tested it out-making mistakes- but learning form them, until eventually we could explain it to the whole school in assembly. We are all feeling very proud-bring on the algebra!   

Authorfiona ormerod

We have been to Hothersall Lodge to build our confidence and we realised that= we have nothing to fear but fear itself ! We pushed ourselves to overcome our fears and some of us achieved what we thought was impossible!

Here are some of our pictures!

Authorfiona ormerod

In our fourth week we have been planning and writing our Robin Hood stories, written from the point of view of that tyrant- Guy of Gisborne- or should we refer to him as Sir! Once we have peer assessed our writing on Monday we will post them here next week for you to read-so look out.

Golden award this week went to Daniel. The writing award went to Lawrence and the maths award to Lottie. congratulations to all three.

Next week we will finally find out which jobs we have secured. We are very excited. Also please remember to bring in your 'pringle' tube for science on Thursday and if you have any Battle of Britain memorabilia or stories bring then in too. 

Last bit of news, we are going on a team building day to Hothersal Lodge on 10th October, we will leave school at 8:30am and will return at 4:40pm. Remember that you will need a packed lunch, plenty of water to drink and a change of clothes as we will get wet! 

Thank you for reading our weekly post-don't forget to like us!

Olivia and Joseph

Authorfiona ormerod

We would like to congratulate Lottie and Joseph on becoming head girl and head boy and we wish then luck in their new role. Our congratulations also go to Lydia and Oliver for being voted to take on the role of deputy. We are sure they will do a wonderful job as ambassadors for our school.

This week we have continued our work on Geraldine McCaughrean's version of Robin Hood with much hilarity, as we took the characters and reversed their character traits to create a parody of an aspect of the text. Very interesting!

Well done to Chloe for receiving the golden award for her determination to tackle difficult challenges in maths and to Joseph, who received the writing award for his science instructions written in a passive voice. 

Remember to eat your 'pringles' so that we can use the empty tube in science to make a pin hole camera!  

Also don't forget to look at the home work page for this weeks work. Who is going to be top of the leader board for IXL? Will it be you?

One last thing, don't forget to put your name forward if you want to become a Shakespeare ambassador for the school. dead line is Monday.

By Joseph and Olivia

Authorfiona ormerod

During our second week of year 6, we have been writing our speeches of responsibility for the position of Head Girl and Head Boy. We will discover who has been successful on Monday!

We would like to congratulate Joseph on achieving his grade 2 certificate for his clarinet ( which most people don't reach until high school).

Congratulations also go to Lottie, the winner of this weeks golden award, for growing her brain and showing compassion to others. Our new school councilors for this year are Anabel and Daniel and they have been working with the other members of the school council to collate questions for the important visitor to our school on Monday.

   Sorry, did we forget to mention that on Monday Bishop Michel will visit our school and we are excited to meet him. 

By Joseph and Olivia

Check out our science experiment!


Mrs Ormerod would like to add, that she is very proud of all those children who delivered their speeches today, with such confidence and poise. Well done!

One last thing, keep up the hard work I can see those brains growing by the day!

Authorfiona ormerod