World book day at school was celebrated in year 6 with a plethora of creative reading and writing activities. We were delighted to invite into our classroom Mr Whyette and is guitar. Our magical day began with us coining new words to create a glossary of spells, considering intertextuality and pathetic fallacy, as we conjured magic from thin air!

Once our spells were complete we began to look at how poetry is reflected in song lyrics and how colloquialisms are used to drive the rhythm of the song. Mr Whyette introduced us to the music of the Smiths, Elvis, Otis Redding, Elton John , the Beatles ( we knew who the last two were) and Pilot. Singing along to his guitar music we mastered Pilots song; ’it’s Magic’. I’m sure if you ask we will give you a quick rendition!

After mastering the original, we were then given the task of writing our own piece of poetry which mirrored the rhythm of the original so that we could add ‘Pilot’s’ tune to our words. It was harder than we expected but we were happy with our results, which we are taking to ‘Water Park’ to perform in the talent show!

Assembly was a celebration of all the effort everyone had put into their costumes for world book day and we could clearly see the book characters and just how many books we read as a school! As we read so much Mrs Ormerod has entered us into the 200 million word reading challenge, we just need to record how many minutes we read each day in our reading record.

Finally our trip to water parks is here, please arrive at normal school time on Monday and enter school through the front door. Come in your own clothes and go straight to the hall. Please remember to bring your inhaler from home, if you have one, and hand it to Mrs Ormerod on arrival. If you suffer from travel sickness make sure you have taken your medication before arriving at school, and hand your return medication in with the relevant signed form.

Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will be kind and we will keep you posted on our adventures from Tuesday onward.

P.S. Please bring a pencils case with colouring pens, pen and pencil.

Authorfiona ormerod