We have arrived! After a peaceful journey we reached the famous Waterpark gates. The weather was cold but sunny and everyone was excited for our first activity. We were shown around our rooms and the beautiful grounds, after a lunch of delicious soup and sandwiches. Not a crumb was left!

After we had been briefed by our team leaders, we went off into our groups and prepared for our first activity… ghyll scrambling!

For the first time, we all traveled together to Nibthwaite ghyll. We can’t begin to explain how cold it was! However, we all still gave it a good (but rather bracing) go. We climbed over rocks, waded through a waist-deep torrent and lept into to the icy depths. Our instructors were all so proud of us.

For tea, we had pizza and wedges. Afterwards, we played a game of manhunt in the woods. Torches at the ready! We found some great hiding places, particularly flat on our bellies in the mud. Don’t forget your Vanish Oxy-action for our return.

Our night finished with a few chapters from the story Skellig, in our pyjamas, with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Bliss!

Here are a few pictures from our first day…


Brown Pike

Swirl How


AuthorLiam Whetnall