We have been doing so much this week!

In Maths, our big focus has been multiplication. We have looked at both mental and written methods and had a go at solving problems that require us to apply these methods. I have also been very impressed with the times tables test score this week. Keeping in mind there are 30 questions and they are very quick paced, everyone has upped their game and I have seen huge improvements to scores-including many full marks!

Our GPS focus this week has been inverted commas. We have all created information posters all about how to use inverted commas accurately in our writing…there are quite a few rules to remember! Some of us will be venturing to other classes to deliver a mini lesson on inverted commas, to help the younger children know how to use them accurately too!

In History we have looked at the chronology of events that took place during the Battle of Britain. We have also been discussing the question ‘Why was the Battle of Britain a significant turning point in British history?’

In Science we have been investigating how different physical activities can affect our heart rate, and more importantly, why?? We planned and did our investigation and we will be using our results to record our findings. Here are some pictures…

This week we have also started to look at the Shakespeare play ‘The Merchant of Venice.’ We have familiarised ourselves with the overall storyline and the characters. On Monday, we will put our acting skills to the test by performing the play in 10 scenes! This, of course, is all in preparation for the Royal Shakespeare Company coming to our school and performing the play for us on Tuesday afternoon-how privileged are we??!! Tickets are also on sale for the evening performance of The Merchant of Venice, at our school, which starts at 7pm. Tickets are only £5 so please, if you can, come along and see how amazing the play is for yourself!

Award winners:

This week’s Golden Award went to Sadie for being an amazing role model! She always tries her hardest, even in the face of a challenge (and even with a broken arm!)!

This week’s writing award went to Matthew for his well-written piece of writing, from the point f view of Sir Guy of Gisborne. His choice of punctuation and vocabulary was very effective!!

The Maths Award from last week went to Reece for his amazing mental maths!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Miss Slater, Mrs Murray & Miss Evans

AuthorCatherine Slater