We have really enjoyed our first full day at waterpark. All 3 groups have really pushed theirselves and created some fantastic memories. The children are excellent at keeping their rooms, shower areas and drying rooms neat and tidy. 

Weatherlam have canoed as a group across Conniston lake then dropped the boat at shore and had lunch. Then we started a walk on our own following a map and clues, it was tricky but we all pesevered towards the ice cream place then we had one. Then we sailed back to water park.

Swirl How have driven to the other side of the lake. We had an ice cream and then started our adventure. We walked 2 miles down the lake and finally found the boat that we were going to sail back to water park. Then when we got back we went on the high ropes.

Today, Coniston group leaders decided to take us rock climbing. To get there we had to canoe across a lake, it was a hard task but as a team we managed to get there. After the canoe we had to walk a long way up a colossal hill and at the top was The Crag. Each of us had a go (even Mr.Smith) and all loved it. Then we had lunch with a beautiful view of the mountains... Later on (when we had finished Lunch) each of us were taken to get changed into huge wet-suits  so that we could go kayaking in the lake. We played multiple games and slowly but surely got used to the water. 

This evening everybody went outside to the bonfire. The children told ghost stories (most being teletubbies related!), 3 children received their child of the day awards, we played the clapping game and we then we played a game of zombie. The children have enjoyed a hot chocolate before bed and they are ready for a good sleep for our day full of activities tomorrow!

Written by Chloe, Lydia, Bethany and Olivia.


AuthorLeanne Dixon