This week has been memorable in many ways:

Firstly, on Friday, we led the whole school in a reflective worship to honour those who have died in war, for our country. We paid tribute to the brave men and women who went above and beyond in very difficult times and we stressed the importance of peace so that we never forget the horror of war, no matter how long ago in our history, so that as adults, we can maintain peace.  

On Tuesday we were given the honour of watching the masters of performing Shakespeare, the RSC, as they brought the island of Ephesus to life in the school hall. Our joy of literature was evident, the atmosphere in the hall was electric as we laughed at the antics of Dromio and shared the other characters frustration.

We were particularly proud of Archie, Leon, Sadie, Thomas and Devon who became members of the RSC cast after many weeks of rehearsal. not only did they impress us but the RSC commented on how professional they were and what a joy it was to work with our young company! 


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