In our fourth week we have been planning and writing our Robin Hood stories, written from the point of view of that tyrant- Guy of Gisborne- or should we refer to him as Sir! Once we have peer assessed our writing on Monday we will post them here next week for you to read-so look out.

Golden award this week went to Daniel. The writing award went to Lawrence and the maths award to Lottie. congratulations to all three.

Next week we will finally find out which jobs we have secured. We are very excited. Also please remember to bring in your 'pringle' tube for science on Thursday and if you have any Battle of Britain memorabilia or stories bring then in too. 

Last bit of news, we are going on a team building day to Hothersal Lodge on 10th October, we will leave school at 8:30am and will return at 4:40pm. Remember that you will need a packed lunch, plenty of water to drink and a change of clothes as we will get wet! 

Thank you for reading our weekly post-don't forget to like us!

Olivia and Joseph

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