During our second week of year 6, we have been writing our speeches of responsibility for the position of Head Girl and Head Boy. We will discover who has been successful on Monday!

We would like to congratulate Joseph on achieving his grade 2 certificate for his clarinet ( which most people don't reach until high school).

Congratulations also go to Lottie, the winner of this weeks golden award, for growing her brain and showing compassion to others. Our new school councilors for this year are Anabel and Daniel and they have been working with the other members of the school council to collate questions for the important visitor to our school on Monday.

   Sorry, did we forget to mention that on Monday Bishop Michel will visit our school and we are excited to meet him. 

By Joseph and Olivia

Check out our science experiment!


Mrs Ormerod would like to add, that she is very proud of all those children who delivered their speeches today, with such confidence and poise. Well done!

One last thing, keep up the hard work I can see those brains growing by the day!

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