Sadly our fantastic week has come to an end and what a week it has been. The children have been so enthusiastic and demonstrated a level of courageousness beyond our wildest imaginings. They have been such a credit to Our Lady's, fantastic ambassadors of the school, have faced challenges, been fearless and just outstanding. 

This evening the children revealed a wealth of hidden talents during our talent show, Hermoine made us laugh with her comedic skills whilst Francesca's piano soothed our soul and Archie's poem brought a tear to our eye (particularly Mrs Ormerod). We were astounded by the lyrical dancing and a wonderful mime performed by the boys. All in all it was a fabulous night and a perfect end to a week in which every member of the class has just been a super star and we have achieved our goal of learning together as a team and will take away new skills that we can rely on in the future to help us on our life journey.

Once you have got over the emotional reunion, let your child tell you all of their achievements this week and enjoy your weekend together. You are allowed to feel extremely proud - we are!

Mrs Ormerod, Miss Dixon, Mr Whetnall and Mrs Murray

Ps. Sorry there are no photos as yet, we currently have around 3000 to upload and it is taking hours. We will get them to you as soon as possible!

AuthorLeanne Dixon