Day 3 started off as usual, breakfast and then straight into activities. Activities today included: wind-surfing, rock climbing and two groups went on a journey. Wind-surfing was extremely funny as people kept falling into the water. Rock climbing was tricky but we accomplished it in the end.

One of the groups, Mr Whetnall's group, was one of the two groups that went on a journey. It was very tiring since they had to climb Mount Caw. They were very happy because after they completed it, they got ice-cream! 

The other group who went on a journey, Swirl How, were lucky as they didn't have to climb Mount Caw. They got to sail to the end of the lake (five miles)! They even ate lunch on their boats. They got ice-lollies when they reached the end of the lake. 

The other two groups went wind-surfing and climbing. They had loads of fun! 

By: Annabel, Olivia WN and Archie.

AuthorLeanne Dixon