In the morning, we had breakfast, like yesterday. We went outside to our canopy to get out wet suits, ect; we went to the lake and did sailing, some people did windsurfing and another group went ghyll walking. At the end of the day, all the children played some dinosaur games. Some of them required running around the whole expanse of Water Parks, while others only had you using your brain and thinking. Overall, Tom and Cayden (members of the class) won the competition and have got a prize.

For tea/dinner, Year 6 had lasagna, garlic bread and salad; we also had jam sponge with custard for dessert. A lot of children loved the meal a lot but some others didn't like lasagna! Though, the meal was enjoyed thoroughly. 

Today, all of the groups--Conistion, Brown Pike, Swirlhow and Wetherlam--went sailing in the beautiful lake. The session was relaxing and simple and the experience was very overwhelming. 

By Caitlin Hall, Leah Rae, Monique Williams and (mostly) Francesca Darby.

AuthorLeanne Dixon