Today we went on a coach journey for 2 and a half hours and got lost. We arrived at the house at approximately 12:00 o clock. We entered and met the staff, they are great and they are very experienced in what they do! The house is magnificent and immense! Our rooms are spectacular and all other rooms each bring something amazing to the experience! At around 2:00 we started activities and had an amazing time! The activities of today were: Ghyll scrambling and kayaking. Group Weatherlem and Brown Pike were ghyll scrambling and groups Coniston and Swirlhow went kayaking. It has been a great day and we cant wait for the adventures that lay ahead!

Leah Rae - ' Nobody could say no to this experience!'

Joshua Welton Marshall- 'This is the first day and it is already great.'

Owen Craig- 'Its the best experience for enjoying yourself!'

Miss Dixon- 'I have been blown away by amazing teamwork!'

Mrs Ormerod says that all the parents should be very proud of their children because their behaviour and their manners have been impeccable today.

We will keep posting throughout the week so keep checking the website to experience this amazing journey with us!

Written by Stuart Wade Stevenson, Dominic Barnes and Francesca McDonough!

Thank you all for reading! 
Pictures to follow in the week!

AuthorLeanne Dixon