This term Year 5 & 6 are participating in the RIBA Architecture Ambassadors programme which is a RIBA CPD Accredited Initiative. Their overarching ambition is that it will enable young people nationally to have the opportunity to learn about architecture, and feel equipped with the skills and knowledge to become involved in the debate around our built environment.

Throughout this project, Year 5 & 6 will have the opportunity to work with Derek Cox, an architect from Manchester. The children will be working with Derek to come up with designs for a small building that will be built next to our school garden on the KS1 playground. This will complete part of our "Grow your own to grow your soul" project which has already seen the addition of a polytunnel and the willow hedgehog structure on our school grounds.

This morning the children enjoyed a workshop with Derek on the history of architecture and then they were then given the challenge of working in small groups to make a model of Blackpool Tower using their own choice of materials. The children were fantastic and see for yourselves how they got on...

AuthorKay McVey