This was a busy week , not just for year 6, but the whole school. On Monday the brilliant author Dan Worsley can into school to tell us all about his new book! He really helped us to develop our growth mindset further as he showed us how many drafts of his writing he had to do before he reached a finished product. What an inspiration!

We took this resilience into our maths learning this week, as we had a maths day and we tackled Pythagoras Theory! At first we were not sure but after demonstrating the principle practically, cutting out squares, we eventually saw the 'math magic'  and were amazed! We then moved this further and began to understand what the algebraic formula for his theory meant. We then tested it out-making mistakes- but learning form them, until eventually we could explain it to the whole school in assembly. We are all feeling very proud-bring on the algebra!   

Authorfiona ormerod