By Macy, Olivia W N, Hermione


We started our Year of Mercy Pilgrimage at our school before the long ride to Lancaster. When we arrived at Castle Hill we got off the coach and set off for the beautiful Priory Church, where we had a small service. In the service Father told us where we were going, we reflected on what the Year of Mercy means to us and then we sang Christ Be Our Light before we left to go to the castle. 


     At the castle we walked through the corridors where all the cells were. Then we walked into the court where a lady called Louise, told us many stories of the Catholic martyr who sacrificed their lives for their Catholic faiths. There was a story of a man who was killed for his faith, on his last night before his execution; he was locked up in a room that had walls so small he couldn’t sit down! We questioned whether in that situation would our faith be as strong?  Then we sang The Kingdom in the courtyard of the castle accompanied by guitar.


We carried on to the Lancaster City Museum, which was the third station, where we learnt about Mary the mother of Jesus. Where we sang ‘As I kneel before you’ and had a short prayer service to Mary.


We carried on strong and proud down to Dalton Square, which was the 4th prayer station. As we walked down Friar Street we thought about how the friars carried out Corporal Acts of Mercy all those hundreds of years ago, by giving food and clothes to the poor and needy. At the foot of Queen Victoria statue we sang ‘God of Mercy’ and we were blessed by father, then walked to the town hall where we had a break before we carried on our Pilgrimage.


We carried on walking to Lancaster Cathedral with Father Jim. We walked through the Holy Door and received a special blessing. When we walked inside we reflected on the significance of our journey and how we can carry out God’s work in our daily lives. Father used the bible story of, ‘The feeding of the five thousand’ to demonstrate how it is our responsibility, not anybody else’s, tomake sure we fulfil our duty by following the  Corporal Acts of Mercy.


       Finally, we headed back to the town hall to walk back to our coach ready to go home. Back at school we spread the Year of Mercy message by holding an assembly for KS2 in which we told then all that we had learnt.


Authorfiona ormerod