Talking to the children, it appears that many have never experienced a pilgrimage!

Getting ready for our special visit to Lancaster, we have been looking at what it means to be a pilgrim and why people go on a pilgrimage. On Tuesday we will join the other Catholic schools in our cluster to journey around Lancaster, making our way to the Cathedral of St Peter. It will be a very special day. The children will have a day in prayer, reflecting on the lives of the Lancaster martyrs and carrying their own prayers and petitions in their pocket.

We have been working in class upon what it means to be a pilgrim and found out that..

Pilgrim? Definition: A pilgrim is a traveller, one who has travelled a long way who is on a journey to a holy place.

We have been completing work around the Year of Mercy and also learning about the Door of Mercy at the cathedral which we will be invited to go through together next week. We have also been asked to bring petitions with each of us which will be left in the cathedral to be prayed for over the coming few weeks. Some of your children may bring their prayer home to complete and you can also give them the names of any friends or family members who you would like to be prayed for, to take with them on Tuesday.

I have attached the booklet we have looked at HERE. You may want to look at it together as a family before the children begin their pilgrimage on Tuesday.

I am so proud of the beautiful children in my class. They keep Christ at the centre of their thoughts and strive to follow in Jesus' footsteps each and every day.

Authormelanie Haggerty