Home work

Spelling list 3 for quiz on Wednesday 26th September. Remember to refresh your previous spellings as we always go over past lists! Try and use your new vocabulary at home and in conversation - impress your family!

English IXL nouns - B.1 B.2 B.3 are essential but if you want to carry on in the noun section feel free!

Maths: SAT buster book pages 3&4, ‘Ordering Numbers and Rounding’, pages 5&6 ‘Decimals’. If you want to play on IXL try F.11. F.12 F.14 ( you will need to think about F.14 but once you have got it wrong and looked at the explanation I am sure you will puzzle it out!

Reading for pleasure 15 minutes everyday. i am reading ‘A Thousand and One Nights’ , what are you reading?

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