As we are away at waterpark there will be no official homework set but the expectation that Bedrock, times tables and spelling practice continues.

I apologize for the technical issues surrounding IXL, we are aware of this and our doing our very best to resolve the situation.

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Please remember to do your homework and bring it in on time!

Spelling list 5 for quiz on Wednesday.

GPS book- make sure that you are up to date and have completed all sections from page 2-15. this will be reviewed on Tuesday.

Maths sat buster book- choose 2 or 3 sections that you find challenging and practise your skills.

Bedrock- All children now have a new bedrock login as the company have a new site. We have logged in at school so the children know how to access the site and have checked that their logins work. It is extremely important that they complete 2 sessions at home for the programme to have a significant positive affect on improving their vocabulary. We complete a session on a Wednesday in school, so ideally a session on a Monday and Friday or Saturday would be advantageous. The site will not let you do consecutive sessions as they children need 48 hour to use the new vocabulary they have learnt. I am sent a report each week, so please use this site to improve your child’s vocabulary. We need to complete 3 sessions a week for maximum impact.

IXL- will be back on line soon.

Once again can I remind you that if you have internet issues at home the children can access the relevant websites during school hours. Also, if your child is struggling with any aspect of their homework please tell them to see me; I have lunch time drop in sessions.

Thank you for your support. 

Authorfiona ormerod

math page: 1,2,3,4,5 and 13

Plus week 15 5-a-day.

GPS: 8,9,10,11,12 and 13

Writing task given out in class.

Spellings please learn!

Authorfiona ormerod

GPS: nouns page 2 -7

Maths: page 9, 10, 11 and 12 geometry and measure book.


Spelling ( test for Wednesday)

Authorfiona ormerod

GPS: page 24 and 25

Maths: 6,7,8,and 33

Week 11 on five aday.

reading and spelling.

New spelling lists given out.

Authorfiona ormerod

Maths: Blue KS2 Geometry, measure and statistics- page 29 to 32 inclusive

IXL Section CC.1 to CC.11 ( this is a 2 week challenge)

English: IXL H.1 and H.2


Bedrock twice a week at home.

Any issues with ICT at home work can be completed in school on our WiFi system.

Homework club as usual.

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Maths: I have given out ‘5 a day’ reasoning sheets, these are designed to give short bursts of maths over 7 days. Please do 5 questions each day , there is only one weeks worth so you can spread them out. This should keep your brain ticking over.

IXL: choose your weakest area to practice.

English: Reading. I have given out books to read over the holidays, there are three to choose from. Once you have read one please return it to class and then take another. We will be discussing all three in class.

IXL: Root words (K:1 - K:5) also prefixes and suffixes ( J:1 - J:8)

Authorfiona ormerod

Maths: adding and subtraction page 19 to 21

Continue with the fraction practice on IXL

English: Purple book page 16-17

Bedrock ( 3 a week please)



Authorfiona ormerod

Mathematics: IXL continue working through the fraction section. J 1 onward this will be ongoing until Christmas.

SAT buster book: pages 10,14 and 15.

English: Spellings

Targeted question book ( purple) : pages 12 to 15 inclusive.

IXL: G1 to G5

Reading 15 minutes everyday.

Authorfiona ormerod

Research Charles Dickens

Use your research notes to write a biography about Charles Dickens.

You might like to use these headings:

•       Childhood/Early Life

    - where and when was he born, his family life, school and first job

•       The Writer

    - some of the books he wrote and the inspiration for his stories

•       Later Life

    - his children, the train accident, his final novel and his death

•       Legacy

    - his quotes, Dickensian language we still use today, his face on the  

    £10 note, the amount of books sold



Maths IXL: fractions

English IXL: free choice, focus on your weakest area.

Reading: make sure you are reading 15 minutes each day. Please read a book with a ZPD.

Authorfiona ormerod

Remember we have a homework club on Tuesday lunch time, in the year 6 classroom if you have any questions. Please use this time to clear up any issues you have with topics we have covered; I am there to help! 

Maths: Page 9- percentages

              IXL:- P1 to P5

GPS book Page 5,6,7,8,9.

             IXL:- C1 to C5

Reading for quiz.  This week we will begin our reading champions. Will you have read enough to be a winner!

Spelling for quiz on Wednesday: list 1 and 2 , starting with the words: accommodate-accompany.


Just a quick note, please remember to access BEDROCK through chrome, according to the company this will eliminate any technical issues. You can also contact them directly by clicking the support tab. It is essential that you do 2 sessions of bedrock at home and in school we cover a session on Wednesday. research has shown that if used correctly your child’s  vocabulary and comprehension will increase. If you would like to read the report please let me know.

Authorfiona ormerod

Maths: Sat buster page 10,14,15,16 (not page 11,12.13)

English: Reading comprehension-’An Underground City’ Please answer all the questions and pay attention to what type of question you are answering.

Spelling: We are now working on the new lists, so please learn list  number 1 for our test next Wednesday. There will also be some random spellings from your previous lists.

Times Tables:


Choose any IXL section to perfect.

Bedrock. Please make sure you can do a Bedrock session on Wednesday in school as we will now do a Bedrock session in class every Wednesday, this means you have the option to do three sessions a week.

Authorfiona ormerod

Maths: IXL fractions F1 and the others in this block if you can. Don’t give up too soon!

English: IXL prepositions F! ( try the whole block)

Bedrock : At least twice a week.

Writing task: Please can you write a newspaper article, remembering to use the who, when , where, what, why technique, to tell your readers about the mysterious man in green. Use the interview recorded by Bill Weaver as your source, remember the questions he asked Robin:

Why do you think it is acceptable to steal?

Are you responsible for the ambush on the Sheriff’s gold convoy and the wounding of his men?

Are wedding bells ringing for you and Lady Marion? She was spotted leaving Friar’s Fish Restaurant with you clutching a copy of Wonderful Weddings!

Set the tone of your piece by the type of language you choose, entice your reader in with a snappy strap line, use repetition for effect- remember that you want your readers to buy next weeks copy!

Good luck- enjoy the task. be creative-you can present your article in any format. Most of all make it interesting and engaging whilst using correct grammar and punctuation.

Authorfiona ormerod

IXL: on going from last week.

Spelling list 6


Writing task: Please complete the writing task given: imagine you are a fighter pilot - describe your battle using similes, emotive language. Use the example to see the level of writing I expect. You have 6 days to finish this work so I expect to be blown away by the standard of your writing. Please do at least one side of A4.

Authorfiona ormerod

Maths: sat buster book: pages 21 and 26. Remember for division - KFC ( keep, flip, change). IXL: fractions start at J;1 and over the next 2 weeks complete this section. remember if you do not understand let me know.

History: family tree activity to show who in your family was touched by the second world war. Around your family tree give as much information as you can. I have given you an example to follow but feel free to improve on this.

Writing: if you have not finished your letter or your Robin Hood narration finish this at home please.

Spelling: List, 5

Reading: please make sure you are quizzing! do this in the morning before your 5-aday.

Authorfiona ormerod

Maths : SAT buster book pages 7&8. IXL B.1. to B.9.  if you can-please try and complete at least 3.

English: Complete the nouns section on IXL B.4-B.9.

Spelling:  List 4 for a quiz on Wednesday, remember to revise the other lists too.

Reading : Carrier's War chapter 4&5 , your own book as well.

Authorfiona ormerod

Home work

Spelling list 3 for quiz on Wednesday 26th September. Remember to refresh your previous spellings as we always go over past lists! Try and use your new vocabulary at home and in conversation - impress your family!

English IXL nouns - B.1 B.2 B.3 are essential but if you want to carry on in the noun section feel free!

Maths: SAT buster book pages 3&4, ‘Ordering Numbers and Rounding’, pages 5&6 ‘Decimals’. If you want to play on IXL try F.11. F.12 F.14 ( you will need to think about F.14 but once you have got it wrong and looked at the explanation I am sure you will puzzle it out!

Reading for pleasure 15 minutes everyday. i am reading ‘A Thousand and One Nights’ , what are you reading?

Authorfiona ormerod

Home work tasks:

  1. Read Carries war chapter 3.

  2. Spelling week 2 learn.

  3. Maths task in book page 1 and 2.

  4. Continue with IXL

Authorfiona ormerod

Spelling test dates.

The children will be given spelling lists to learn each week and the expectation is that they use the learnt vocabulary in their writing. They will also be tested on their spellings in preparation for the end of key stage tests.

A list of spellings has been sent home in a spelling pack, please do not loose it. This pack will contain a practice book and the children will also use this book for their weekly tests so that you can view their progress.

Thank you for your support.

Please remember that we will constantly be using the vocabulary you have learnt in your writing.

Date of Spelling Test                   List to Learn

Wed  12. Sept                               1- sincere

Wed 19.Sept                                 2 - 

Wed 26. Sept                                3 - 

Wed 3. Oct                                    4 - 

Wed 10. Oct                                   5 - 

Wed 17. Oct                                 6 - 

Thurs. 18Oct                                  SPELLING-BEE ON ALL LISTS so far


Authorfiona ormerod

Maths: The question booklet given on problem solving.

          IXL choose what you need to practice

English: IXL choose what you need to practice.

Bedrock vocabulary

Spelling: List 5 for a test on Friday


Authorfiona ormerod