Firstly I want to congratulate Ellie, Holly, Mitchell and Zuzanna, who are the winners of our River challenge. Over the past few months the children have been working in groups to gain points for their team by successfully completing daily tasks that were linked to our behaviour and homework policy. The winning team raced ahead by behaving exceptionally and working together to make sure they read consistently each night at home. As a reward, the children will go next week to Ascent trampoline park for the afternoon.


Well done Ellie, Holly, Mitchell and Zuzanna!

This week we have been learning about…

English - the children have planned their new adventure story for the main character Mai-ling and have begun to write their new story from another culture(Chinese). 

Maths - they’ve continued to practise working with fractions (multiplying fractions with whole numbers) and with Mrs Parker the children have been translating shapes.

RE - the children have read the parable of The Lost Son. They have discussed the meaning behind this parable and have reflected on the actions and feelings of the Father and the Son and have considered what they can learn from this story.

Science - last week the children undertook an investigation to find the best thermal insulators, to decide on the best materials for the inside of a lunch box. This week they have experimented with different materials to find the best electrical conductors to use in a circuit for floodlights at a football club.

PE - the children are having tennis lessons with a specialist coach this half term. Miss Slater tells me that they are doing really well and the coach has been very impressed with the skills they’ve shown already. Perhaps we’ve got some budding tennis players that may one day play at Wimbledon!

ICT - they’ve continued to program using Scratch to create geometric shapes inspired by Islamic art. 

Take a look at our display of the children’s Greek pottery, depicting Greek warfare, and Greek sculptures inspired by the work of Alberto Giacometti. The children’s sculptures are of Ancient Greek Olympic sports.

AuthorKay McVey