It has been a great start to the Summer term this week. The rest over Easter and the wonderful sunshine has enabled the children to come back refreshed and ready to learn.

On Tuesday, in addition to their usual swimming lesson, in the afternoon the children also had a great dance workshop with dance teacher Sarah-Jane. As we were studying Rivers last term, the theme of the dance activities was Rivers and the children did a great job working individually, in pairs and as a group to create a piece of movement. Take a look at the photos of some of their work…

These are the other things we’ve been doing this week…

In English we have begun looking at stories from China and have been identifying the Chinese customs and attitudes. We have particularly focused on the story of The Dragon Slayer and the children’s work will lead up to writing a new adventure for Mai-Ling, the central character.

In Maths the children have continued to focus on mixed numbers and fractions and have been working on changing mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa.

In Science the children have started our new topic of Properties and Changes of Materials. In our first lesson the children explored through a mind map what they know already and then went on to compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, transparency and response to magnets by sorting and classifying materials according to their properties.

In computing, we looked at examples of geometric Islamic art and then had a go at programming using Scratch to create some Islamic-style art.

AuthorKay McVey