Just an update on our River challenge. The photo shows the progress each team are making. We discussed in class how working as a team together will help us achieve better and push forward to gain the points. I’m pleased to see how some teams are ensuring that they are all making an effort to do their best in class but also making sure they are reading each night and getting their diaries signed.

School have signed up to the 200 million minutes reading challenge and so the children also need to be noting down how many minutes they are reading each evening and adding that on to the total they read in school. There will be extra points for the River Challenge teams for each reading book they finish from our Lenten book challenge. I was amazed at the number of children who had finished their first book already today and also so proud of those children who chose to sit and read during our wet play and wet lunchtime today. Keep up the great work Year 5 and don’t forget to note down how many minutes you have read!

AuthorKay McVey