In English this week we have been exploring Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet further. We’ve pushed the tables back in the classroom and using rehearsal room approaches we’ve got inside the characters’ shoes to act out and explore the underlying tensions between the two divided households of Capulet and Montague.

In Maths we’ve been adding and subtracting decimal numbers using mental and written methods and have also been revising the key concepts we’ve studied over the last few weeks. Some children also spent the day yesterday at St Nicholas Primary working with a maths consultant on maths problem solving activities with other children from other schools. The highlight, they tell me, was working on algebra!

In Science we have turned our focus to the human life cycle and have been looking at the key stages and looking at a general overview of the key developments that happen at each stage. We will look at each of these stages in more detail over the coming weeks. We will also be visited in school, in a few weeks time, by the school nurse who will talk to the children about puberty and the changes that the children will go through.

We’ve also continued our work on rivers in geography, researching and locating the longest rivers in the British Isles including the location of their source and the river mouth. In RE we’ve looked at how beliefs have shaped the life of Saint Josephine Bakhita. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

This week I’ve been so pleased to see so many of Year 5 increasing the amount that they are reading at home. I’m amazed at how many children have already finished their Lenten challenge book and are now onto their second or third book. Great work Year 5 keep this up and don’t forget to get your diary signed and record your minutes! It’s not only helping us with the 200,000,000 minutes challenge that school have signed up to, but also to earn points for our River challenge!

AuthorKay McVey