Wow! I can’t believe we’re already more than halfway through this half term. The children have made a good start to Year 5 and have been working hard in all their subjects. I’m particularly impressed with the work they’ve been doing in our English work. We’ve been looking at free verse poems and are now writing our own poems about the classroom using poetic techniques such as personification, alliteration, similes and metaphors. I’m really looking forward to reading them when they’re finished.

I’m really pleased to see those children who are reading regularly at home and collecting their bookmark stickers, completing quizzes and earning our golden tickets for reading. At the end of this half term we will pick out our golden ticket winners and reward our reading champions. Please make sure your child is reading regularly at home to ensure they make good progress in this area. Remember Year 5, good readers = good writers!

This week has been the fourth week that our resilience coach, Hannah, has been coming in to class to teach the children about being more resilient - this will continue till December. Soon I’ll be inviting you in to school so that Hannah can talk to you about what she has been teaching the children. Please ask your children about these sessions so that you can support them in their quest to become more resilient - you'll be surprised at how much they know already! Ask them about the special potions and what resilient moves they will be doing this week to improve their resilience.

For more information/support, please see these recommended websites:


Boing Boing  

Well done to all our award winners this week…

Golden award - Jessica

Writing award - Archie

Minificate winner - Natalie

AuthorKay McVey