We've been celebrating the reading we've been doing using our new reading scheme..

Our top five readers in Year 5 since September:

           1                        Sophie               441,882 words

           2                       Joshua               281,205 words

           3                       Gabrielle            250,245 words

           4                       Eva                    206,076 words

           5                       Daisy                 197,541 words   

Our top five readers in Year 5 this half term:

            1                        Gabrielle            157,736 words

            2                       Nathan               78,305 words

            3                       Daisy                  72,965 words

            4                       Tilly                    69,429 words

            5                       Joshua               64,151 words   

Well done to all the children above! Keep up with the reading Year 5, I want to see more children reading daily, getting their diaries signed and reading bookmarks filled. Our reading challenge is to read 1,000,000 words each by the end of Year 5 - come on Year 5 I know you can do it!

Children who have completed their reading bookmarks this half term are:


Our golden ticket winners this half term were Jessica and Niamh, well done girls! Golden tickets are awarded to children when they read three times. Then at the end of each half term we pick two winners.

AuthorKay McVey