Soon our Bounce Forward sessions will come to an end and it will be Year 5’s turn to share what they have learnt over the course of the sessions. On the 7th December at 3pm Year 5 will present what they have learnt and we would like to invite parents to join us if they can. Please put it in your diary and come if you can make it!

One of the ideas to promote resilience, that has come from the sessions, was to make a resilient moves box. We have made our box and each of the children has thought of a move that we could all do and put it in our special box. We will pick out resilient moves each week and the class will be challenged to try and do it. It would be lovely if the children could take a photo of them making the resilient move, or any other resilient moves, and bring it in so we can take a copy (or email me at ) to be shared in our resilience showcase/assembly. The resilient moves could be anything - spending time with family or friends, having a laugh, eating healthily, taking part in a hobby or sport… Thanks to those children who have already brought in photos of their resilient moves.

Take a look at the Resilience Framework to identify the resilient moves that Year 5 make…

Resilience Framework.jpg
AuthorKay McVey