Dear Year 5/ Parents/Carers (For those taking part in Bikeability on Monday and Tuesday)

On Monday 26th and Tuesday 27thNovember, you will need to bring with you your bike, cycle helmet, lock and key. The children will need to wear their school PE kit and appropriate trainers for riding their bike.  If the weather is wet, waterproof trousers and coat, if you have them, may be appropriate over the top or to change into. If the weather is really wet, the Bikeability team may choose to cancel that day but it will be entirely their decision.

Once through the school gate, walk your bike round to the KS2 playground (children are not permitted to ride their bike on the playground) and where possible lock your bike to the wooden fencing. After the Bikeability session, bikes will be locked up again where possible, ready to be collected to go home at the end of each day. Please can you ensure that all keys and locks have names on so that they are easily identified. Keys will be collected from the children and stored away safely during the day. If the lock is a combination lock then can I suggest that the combination is written down, placed in a sealed envelope and given to me for safe keeping should your child forget the combination. These will be returned to you at the end of Bikeability - we have had children forget their numbers in the past which has delayed their session while we call parents.

After Monday’s Bikeability session, the children will be informed as to whether they will need their bike for Tuesday - they will need to pass the first stage of the training to be able to proceed to the next stage. The children who are not taking part in Bikeability and anyone who no longer needs their bike will remain in class with me. Due to obvious safety reasons, the Bikeability team will only allow children, who ride their bike with good control, to proceed to the next stage and be taken out onto the roads. All decisions are made by the Bikeability team. 

Before Monday, to avoid disappointment please make one final check that your bike is road worthy and at the correct height for you as the first thing the Bikeability team will do, is assess your bike. Any that fail will mean that you cannot continue with the course.

 Happy riding and good luck everyone!

Thanks for your support

AuthorKay McVey