This week Year 5 finished writing their free verse poems about the classroom. Through use of poetic techniques and inclusion of similes and metaphors they’ve been able to build vivid images of a classroom at the end of a day. Poems are not the easiest to write but Year 5 worked very hard and I’ve been very impressed with their efforts - they should all be really pleased with themselves!

In English we are now studying Shakespeare’s “A Comedy of Errors”. We are very lucky to have been given special diaries from the Grand Theatre and the RSC, where the children will be able to record their learning journey of the play. Through active approaches we intend to explore the play and we will use this work to develop our own writing. Today the children took part in a Whoosh activity to get to know the story of the play. Take a look…

On November 6th the RSC are bringing their First Encounters with Shakespeare Tour of Comedy of Errors to our school to perform for the children in the afternoon and then again in the evening for the local community. Talented children from our school will also be performing a scene alongside the RSC actors and I’m very proud to say that Alana, Ella, Matthew and Mitchell from our class will be performing too. Tickets for this performance have now gone on sale at the Grand Theatre so get your tickets before they sell out!

Our Bounce Forward workshop this afternoon was all about identifying our strengths to get us through the tough times. The children made badges to remind the children how their strengths can make them more resilient. Please ask your child which strength they chose and how it makes them more resilient. What resilient moves will you make this week?

Don’t forget that next week we will be on our fieldwork trip.

Well done to all our award winners this week…

Golden award - Fayth

Writing award - Joshua

Last week’s Maths award - Joshua

Minificate winner - To be drawn on Monday

AuthorKay McVey