It has been a great start to the new school year.  Thank you to all those children who have already brought in their 'Me' boxes and have talked about themselves - it has been a pleasure getting to know the children this week.

We've already started to think about some of our new topics that we will be investigating this half term. Please have a look at Year 5s intro page where you will find the curriculum overview pages for this half term and a brief overview of our topics for the year.

In Year 5 we have also been discussing how we can 'grow our brains'. We're all striving to have a 'growth mindset' to ensure we have a positive approach to our work and know that the more effort we put into our work, the more we can achieve. Please ask your child to share with you what they know about having a growth mindset and ask them how they are going to 'grow their brain' this year. I have to say that I'm so impressed by Year 5s attitude already, they certainly do have a 'growth mindset' and so we're going to have lots of achievements to celebrate this year.

Here are photos of some of the children who have shared their 'Me' box already. More photos to follow ...



AuthorKay McVey