Where is the time going? I can't believe we're almost half way through this half term already!

This week we've continued with the work on our local area. The children collected so much data from their field work and so they've been analysing it to learn more about our local area. They've also used digital mapping software to make their own map and highlighted findings and features on their map.

In Science the children have been studying forces and have already investigated the effects of gravity and friction. This week the children have planned their own investigation into air resistance. Unfortunately the weather was so bad during our lesson this week that they'll carry out their experiments next week.

On Friday Rob from Headstart came in and the children learnt another resilient move to help them become more resilient in difficult situations. The focus of the lesson was to identify positives in different situations and to understand the concept of hope and looking to the future. To help them remember this the children all made their own rose tinted glasses and they decorated them with positive messages. 



Reminder that on Wednesday 29th November is Year 5's visit to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre in Macclesfield. Our visit will include time at both the planet and space pavilions, entrance to an inflatable planetarium and a Mars Rover workshop.

Due to the distance, the coach is booked to leave school promptly at 8.15am so we would appreciate if the children could all be in school by 8.00am. We will have a picnic lunch at the centre and depending on traffic, we expect to return to school for 3.30pm. Children are asked to take their packed lunch in a named carrier bag which can then be disposed of at the site. Children can wear their school PE kit on this day for comfort, but please ensure that the children bring a waterproof coat in case of poor weather as part of our visit will involve being outside.

Thank you to those of you who have already brought in permission slips and money for the trip. If you haven't yet replied, please can you do so as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs McVey

AuthorKay McVey