Thank you so much to those parents who were able to make the Year 5 parents meeting with the HeadStart team. Resilience coach, Rob, and his team have been coming in to class on a Friday to teach the children about being more resilient and will continue till Christmas. Don't worry if you couldn't make it this time as we've organised for Rob to come in again to speak to parents at the end of the programme in December when Year 5 will do a special assembly to share with the rest of the school, and you, what they've learnt about being resilient. Please ask your children about these sessions so that you can support them in their quest to become more resilient - you'll be surprised at how much they know already! Ask them about the special potions!

For more information/support, please see these recommended websites:


Boing Boing  

Some photos of the work they've done already...


One of the ideas to promote resilience, that has come from the sessions, was to make a resilient moves box. We made our box this week and each of us thought of a move that we could do and put it in our special box. When Rob came for the HeadStart session today we asked him to pick the first resilient move that we can all do over the weekend. The first resilient move, picked out by Gabrielle, was Archie's suggestion,


It would be lovely if the children could take a photo or write about what they did with their family - we can share our resilient moves on Monday. It will also be great for when we do our special assembly. Enjoy spending time with your family this weekend, I know I will!

AuthorKay McVey