Swimming will start this Thursday afternoon (15th September). I know the children are very excited about this. Swimming will continue throughout Year 5.

A reminder of some important details:

Swimming is part of the school curriculum and if a child is well enough to be in school, they are expected to go swimming. The only exceptions are if they are wearing a cast or they have a doctor's note to say they should not swim.

Girls swimming kit - towel, one piece swim suit and swimming hat.

Boys swimming kit - towel, trunks or tight fitting lycra shorts  and swimming hat if hair falls into      the eyes. Please note that baggy swim shorts are not allowed. The boys have been shown the type of shorts they are required to wear.

The children will have a quick rinse off after swimming but shampoos and soap are not permitted.

All children (boys and girls) will be required to wear a swimming hat if their hair is long or the hair  falls into their eyes. If you haven't yet got a hat, they are available at the pool at a cost of £1.05. On Thursdays, please ensure hairstyles are worn so that swimming hats are easily put on.

If your child is asthmatic, please ensure they have an inhaler to take with us to the pool. The teachers will look after these.

Goggles can only be worn if a form has been filled in. The children must then wear these all the time in the pool so please ensure you have these in your kit.

As for any PE lesson, earrings are not permitted for swimming. It would be best to leave these at home on PE days to ensure they don't get lost. If earrings are brought to school, it is the responsibility of the child to ensure they are put somewhere safe.

If you've not handed in your swimming forms yet, please get them in before Thursday.

Last of all, enjoy!

AuthorKay McVey